5 Wii and Wii U Games That Need to Be Ported to the Nintendo Switch

The Wii and WiiU both have a fantastic catalog of games that could be ported to the Nintendo Switch. Here are 5 must-have ones

The Wii and WiiU both have a fantastic catalog of games that could be ported to the Nintendo Switch. Here are 5 must-have ones
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The first set of Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch games has been released. Some of us were happy for new titles like Arms and Splatoon 2, while others cringed at the release of classics like Monopoly or RPG Maker Fes.

Either way, we all have games that we can’t wait to see on the Switch. Heck, need to see on the Switch.

So, in order from least to most wanted, here are 5 Wii and Wii U Games that Need to be Ported to the Nintendo Switch!

5. Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a game that has been around for as long as I can remember, and for good reason. Ping Pong is a mix of physical work and strategy. It’s the game of games (like pool, but less complicated). Ping Pong was popular enough to appear as a mini-game on Wii-Sports Resort. Now, I think it should be on the Nintendo Switch.

You have a confused look on your face now. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you why. It’s simple: Ping Pong is fun, whether playing it in real life or on a console. And, since the Switch allows you to play with up to seven other people, Ping Pong would be a killer addition to the family — both yours and the Nintendo’s.

4. Xenoblade

Xenoblade Chronicles has a well-written story with graphics that are to die for. It tells the story of a character named Shulk (from the Bionis race), who is on a quest to find a sword known as a Monado in order to defeat a rival force of people known as the Mechonis.

If you want to get serious for a second, the game could be a comment on social injustices in general. I mean, if you think about it, there a million and one stories about one region, race, or culture dominating another all throughout history.

I think Xenoblade tries to explore that in a way. Although, I haven’t played the game long enough to know for sure. The struggle between the Bionis race and the Mechonis is also fascinating because we live in the Digital Age, and might not be too far from a similar future. The point is, social commentary in video games is always a good reason to port it over to another system.

Other reasons that make this game great for the Switch is that the current version has a relationship-building system called Affinity.

The Switch is marketed as a console meant for creating interactions between people, and since Xenoblade is a multi-player game it makes sense to make a version for the Switch.

3. The Wonderful 101

Everyone loves a superhero, and The Wonderful 101 gives its audience a large selection of them.

The game has an interesting story mode, but it’s essentially a classic alien versus humans invasion story where the “Uni-Morphs” fight against a space pirate named Prince Vorkken, and his first mate Chewgi, as well as a group of aliens called Geathjerks.

The protagonists of The Wonderful 101 all have corny names, I mean they’re colors for god sakes, but their job descriptions are pretty cool. Will Wedgewood (Wonder-Red) is an elementary school teacher and the leader (why does red always get to lead?), Eliot Hooker — whose name I’m sure some parent complained about — is a police detective (he’s Wonder-Blue, as if that’s not obvious), Jean-Sebastain (Wonder-Green) is a guns expert, Mariana Kretzulesco (Wonder-Pink) is a fashion modeler, Ivan Istochinkov (Wonder-Yellow) is a Russian soldier, Momoe Byakkoin (Wonder-White) is a Samurai… I wonder how that works… and Krishna Ramanujan (Wonder-Black) is a video game player — they must be the youngest in the group.

Essentially, these characters are the Power Rangers, but with adult jobs — no offense Tommy.

Luckily, there’s only one main villain whose name is Jergingha. He’s the “supreme overlord of the GEATHJERK Federation” and “attempts to use Chi-Q to take back the galactic peace from humanity” (The Wonderful 101 Wikia said it, not me).

The original game, made exclusively for the Wii U, has a cooperative mode that supports up to five players. Considering people can connect their Switch’s for extra gameplay, The Wonderful 101 is a perfect choice for a port.

2. Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 is a jaw-dropping, hack-n-slash game that takes place on a fictional mountain called Fimbulventr and in the town of Noatun — both located in the Middle East.

The story is fairly simple to catch onto — Bayonetta and Enzo are Christmas shopping when angels attack. In the middle of all the chaos, Jeanne, Bayonetta’s friend, loses her soul. It is up to Bayonetta to find the Gates of Hell in order to save her.

Bayonetta 2 has a resurgence of characters from Bayonetta, as well as several new members. It also has a two player mode, which makes it a great fit for the Nintendo Switch. Just imagine for a second if you and your friends could team up on this journey while riding in an airplane! And, better yet, what if you could enjoy all that Bayonetta 2 has to offer without having to worry about using extra cables?

Sounds good right? This is why Bayonetta 2 should be ported to the Switch!

1. Injustice: Gods Among Us

With Injustice 2 coming out this month it’s no wonder that people would want to see Injustice: Gods Among Us on the Nintendo Switch.

It would serve two purposes. First, if Injustice 2 were released on the Switch, then it would serve as a precursor game for those who decide that the Switch is the console for them. Having both games on the Switch would be a major play for Nintendo, and it would make fans of the game excited. The fan base for Injustice: Gods Among Us is HUGE and people LOVE it! By putting it on the Switch fans will flock to the console faster than you can say Superman.

The second reason to port Injustice: Gods Among Us to the Switch is because of its awesome game play mechanics. Players get an option between story mode (which makes it compelling) and combat mode (which makes it exciting).

In story mode you get to play as one of 45 DC Comic characters in an attempt to either conquer or aide evil Superman in his plans to take over the world. In combat mode, you are able to face off against your friends to see who deserves the title of baddest B**** in town. Both are good for the Switch as it could encourage a modern day version of a LAN party.

How’s that for “Switching” it up?

Now You Have It…

These are the five top choices for games that should be ported to the Nintendo Switch (except Ping Pong, that was all me). With the most recent release of this years Nintendo Switch titles, there’s no telling what we’ll get next year. Let’s hope it includes at least the most popular choices!

What games do you want to see ported to the Nintendo Switch?

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