A blast from the past: here is a list a 6 games that had memorable songs during the opening scenes.

6 Nostalgic Game Openings and Theme Songs

A blast from the past: here is a list a 6 games that had memorable songs during the opening scenes.

When we were young, we all had our favorite games to play — complete with awesome video game music. Since then, growing up and developing an understanding for music has definitely upped the nostalgia factor when it comes to sitting down and enjoying a piece of the good ol’ days. 

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Whenever you first boot up whatever game filled your childhood, you’re met with an opening and theme song that you’ll just never be able to forget. Whether they’re iconic for all gamers or more personal, some theme songs will always stir up that sense of nostalgia. Here are a few of the games and opening themes that do just that. Enjoy!

1. Dragon’s Dogma 

Starting the original game and seeing an epic pan view take you around the world of Dragon’s Dogma was a great experience. Seeing a dragon perched in a tower, or roaming around in a lake….this song playing in the background supported the visuals well! Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original opening with this song attached. You’ll just have to play the game again for the full experience.

2. Zone of the Enders: HD Collection

The opening on the HD Collection for this “high speed robot action” game depicts some epic battle scenes and offers vague sense of the story for both games in the collection. It’s epic to begin with, but you can also enjoy it much more when you know what the series is all about!

3. Silent Hill 3

Who can forget this psychological horror game? With some slightly disturbing visuals from the game, the rock song “You’re Not Here” has been on the opening for Silent Hill 3, and has also been on the credits for the Silent Hill movie, and it’s even been featured on the game Dance Dance Revolution Extreme!

4. Chrono Cross

The song accompanying the opening sequence for this fantasy game has been performed by a few orchestras and has always sent a chill down my spine. Chrono Cross has a very distinct soundtrack that is properly epitomized by this track. 

5. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

This opening scene has got some pretty cool effects in the video, and is very similar to a 007 film — mostly because of the game being set in 1964, a couple of years after the first 007 movie. You can’t deny that you want to sing along with this every time you hear it!

6. Red Dead Revolver

Most people recall Red Dead Redemption, but its predecessor Red Dead Revolver has a classic opening like an old western movie. This might even seem similar to a Quentin Tarantino film to some (but came before Django Unchained)!

There you have it! There are many, many games that deserve a spot, but these are just a few honorable mentions.

Do you remember any games from the past that had awesome openings, or were just awesome in general? Let us know in the comments!

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