There a lot of amazing things people have taken from Skyrim and re-created in Minecraft. Here a few we know you'll want to check out.

9 Best Skyrim Creations You’ll Find in Minecraft

There a lot of amazing things people have taken from Skyrim and re-created in Minecraft. Here a few we know you'll want to check out.
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Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most popular games of all time, with over 30 million copies sold and a thriving modding community famous for their amazing creations. The game's big, open world of high-fantasy and adventure has captivated players for more than six years and received a full remastered for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC known as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.

That edition not only revived much of the core game's modding community, but also brought Skyrim to the attention of younger players who had only played more age-friendly titles.

Like Minecraft.

Having sold 26 million copies on the PC alone, Minecraft is an absolute monster of a game with an unparalleled fan base. Fan-made texture packs, skins, mobs, bosses, weapons, and enormous worlds have made the game the world leader in user-generated content creation. Millions of videos show avid players displaying their creativity and skill, and while it doesn't have the rich lore and world that Skyrim has, it has the capability of doing so.

You just have to make it.

Which is exactly what these outstanding players have done. To please the Nine Divine -- yes we still include Talos, as any true-born son of Skyrim should -- here are nine of the best creation pieces for your viewing pleasure.

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Flame Atronach


Powerful elementals capable of hurling handheld infernos, the Flame Atronach is a tough enemy in Skyrim for the unaware player. This gigantic take on a fearsome fiery foe, this Atronach is no mere 2D sprite, but a true three-dimensional model towering over all. It looks even better in video as you can see the lava blocks flowing.



The Spriggan is a conduit of nature itself. They can summon animals to attack you, poison you with their branch-like claws, heal themselves, turn invisible, and use a unique-to-them Destruction spell that fires a swarm  of bees to damage you quickly.

This behemoth, like the last, is also a titanic three-dimensional model built to strike fear into the hearts of villagers and creepers everywhere.



The final boss and main antagonist of Skyrim's main storyline, Alduin is an ancient dragon feared by all. He was sent away into the sea of time by heroes of old via Elder Scroll, as they knew they could not kill him.

At more than 151 blocks tall, this Alduin much better encompasses the massive scale a dragon known as the "World Eater" should have. Just thank the Nine you won't have to battle this one.



Despite working for an entire month and a half on recreating Solitude, the creator still considers this enormous piece not-yet-finished. This is especially impressive considering they had originally intended to only build the Blue Palace, but then went on to the rest of the city.

That's some next level dedication.



Full of bandits, Falmer, and Dwarven Automatons, Raldbthar is not a dungeon to take lightly. Dwemer constructs have high damage resistance and their traps can easily kill any Dragonborn who isn't careful.

Recreated faithfully to the in-game original, this piece not only has an outstanding exterior visual, but a full interior as well! Completely traversable, this Dwemer ruin is incredibly expansive and atmospheric.

College of Winterhold


With 100% focus on authenticity, this piece looks more like an in-game screenshot than it does a Minecraft re-make. The scale is 1:1, the surrounding landscape was shaped and weathered to match perfectly, and the interiors mirror that of the original. Combine all of this with the Re-Shade and ENB effects to match the fog and snowy weather, and you have an impeccable replica of Skyrim's favorite university.

Hall of Valor


The legendary halls of Sovngarde, where heroes of lore feast in the afterlife, this beautiful recreation captures the splendor of Viking heaven. The architecture is exquisite and the terraforming suitably wondrous, the Hall of Valor truly does conjure images of a peaceful afterlife. It's no wonder all Nords wish to come here upon dying.



I can't say enough about this.

The time and effort put into this shows with a single glance. Enormous scale, incredible accuracy, and a beautiful diversity of blocks to create a realistic aesthetic. This piece is my personal favorite on the list. If interested, EndermansEnd has recorded most of the building process for you to watch his genius at-work.



At 75% completion, this overwhelming undertaking has already gone for over 18 months. The amazing terraforming you see was created via WorldPainter, despite it being fov360's very first time using the program. Combine those scenic mountains with a beautiful texture pack, incredibly accurate and faithful construction, and you have yourself one of the most stunning Minecraft creations yet.

So what do you think? Have these amazing builds inspired you to go slay some dragons and bandits? Or maybe you've got a hankering to build your own amazing set-pieces and see how you rack up?

Let us know in the comments which were your favorites, and share with us any awesome creations you think should have made the list.

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