From unlimited saving to HUD redesigns and free training, this guide contains the best Kingdom Come Deliverance mods so far.

Best Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods So Far (Updated)

From unlimited saving to HUD redesigns and free training, this guide contains the best Kingdom Come Deliverance mods so far.

Update 10/29/18The 1.7 patch for Kingdom Come: Deliverance has broken or changed many mods. We've noted on each slide when you need to re-install mods in new locations.

Turning the standard open-world fantasy RPG upside down by injecting a hefty dose of realism, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game absolutely ripe for mods and extensive modding.

Here, we're rounding up all the best mods currently available from the Steam Workshop and the community, from modding the abysmal save system to changing some of the more annoying mechanics that get in the way of having fun.

We will update this article periodically as mods go down or get replaced and as new mods arrive in the weeks ahead. Got a tip on a killer Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod we should try? Let us know in the comments!

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Unlimited Saving Mod

Download the Mod Here

The second after you're done installing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, grabbing this mod should be the very first thing you do before even loading up the game. 

Having to rely on limited quantity Saviour Schnapps to save your game is an amazingly bad design if I've ever seen one. While it may add a certain amount of challenge to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, it also tends to destroy any desire to keep playing the game.

The saving fiasco becomes less of a problem after you gain the ability to reliably brew your own Schnapps later in the game, but in the early stages of KC:D, it makes re-loading an incredibly frustrating experience, as autosaves are few and far between.

Get rid of the frustration entirely by downloading the Unlimited Saving mod to unlock unlimited saves across the game, whether you've got any Schnapps on hand or not!

Restore Halberds Mod

Download the Mod Here

Update 10/29/18: Since the latest 1.3 KC:D patch, this mod behaves a bit differently and has to be installed differently. Info can be found at the bottom of this slide. 

If you've tried to spend any time actually using the polearms in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you now that at launch, it's pretty much an exercise in futility.

While polearms offer great reach and damage, you can't actually equip them as a weapon, use anything in your off-hand, or set them on your horse. Can't sell 'em, can't upgrade your skill with 'em, and can't put 'em in your inventory either.

Except that with the Restore Halberds mod, you can!

This amazing mod fixes everything that is terribly wrong with polearms, turning them into the equivalent of any other weapon type. They can go in your inventory, you can upgrade their skill at the trainer, they can be sold, you can equip another object in your off hand, and you no longer have to set them down constantly.

How to install correctly according to Nexus user Norkan

1. Create a folder called "Mods" inside of your main game folder.
2. Create a folder for your mod inside the of the "Mods" folder. Name doesn't matter, I named mine "Halberds".
3. Inside of the "Halberds" folder create a folder named "Data".
4. Place the .pak file inside of the "Data" folder.

Rattay Start Mod

Download the Mod Here

Update 10/29/18: This mod still works in the latest update, but a new version has been uploaded that reflects Theresa being saved and Kunesh being beaten in the fight. If you have the old version, make sure to download the new one (from the same place above). 

Remember the Dungeon-B-Gone mod from Baldur's Gate II that let you skip that annoying dungeon slog before getting into the actual open world segments of the game?

That's exactly what you get here, skipping the slow opening section; instead, you jump directly to the good stuff.

Obviously, you won't want to use this one on your first playthrough, but for subsequent Kingdom Come: Deliverance runs, this makes starting over to try out different options a much smoother experience overall.

Bow Dot Reticle Mod

Download the Mod Here

Update 10/29/18: Both 1.6 and 1.7 patches caused major problems with this mod. If you can't get it to work, check out some troubleshooting tips in the forums here.

KC:D's developer, Warhorse, went out of its way to try to make the game's combat adhere to medieval realism as much as possible, making combat quite a bit trickier than in your average fantasy RPG.

One of those concessions to realism is the lack of a reticle when preparing to fire an arrow, making accurate volleys nearly impossible -- sans blind luck or lots (and lots and lots) of practice.

If you'd prefer to add in standard game mechanics and pull out the realism element, this mod gives you a reticle for easier bow aiming.

No Helmet Vision Mod

Download the Mod Here

Update 10/29/18: Be careful using this mod in conjunction with Perkaholic, which can cause crashes.

As with the bow reticle mod, the aim of the No Helmet Vision mod is to cull some of the hyper-realistic aspects of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, making it an easier (and less frustrating) game.

Granted, that may totally fly in the face of the game's spirit, but after you've died a couple of dozen times because you can't see out your helmet, you may change your tune.

As the name implies, this KC:D Nexus mod entirely removes the obscured vision from any helmet type so you have a full, unobstructed view of the landscape while still protecting your fragile skull from devastating mace strikes or sword swings.

Easier Lock Picking Mods

Nothing can ever be easy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and that definitely holds true for the lockpicking mini-game, which many players are just skipping altogether due to its difficulty.

Two different mods are currently available to alleviate this issue. The first mod makes the mini game operate more along the lines of the lockpicking found in Fallout and Skyrim; it divides the lock into sectors that are easier to use.

If you don't want to deal with the issue at all, the second mod entirely nullifies the mini-game for any locked door or stash that is at your skill level.

Lightsabers Mod

Download the Mod Here

Update 10/29/18: The latest Kingdom Come: Deliverance patch requires a different installation method for this mod. The full install details are at the bottom of the slide. 

You had to know this mod was coming, right? Of course, all of the swords in Kingdom Come: Deliverance have been replaced with lightsabers, because why the heck not?

This one obviously makes for a radically different feel in your Kingdom Come: Deliverance playthrough, but if you're cool with that, have fun! Personally, I'm looking forward to the Warhammer or Predator mods to arrive so we can mix and match lizardmen and alien warriors with Star Wars weapons.

Per Nexus user molehrobinson, these are the installation steps you should follow: 

1. if you dont already have a mod folder make one. 
2. Make a folder called Data in the mods folder (optional: make a _fastload folder as this is no longer needed) 
3. place the .pak file in the Data folder inside the mod folder. (optional: place the file into _fastload aswell ) 

Dark Times Balance Overhaul

Download the Mod Here

Update 10/29/18: This Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod has been removed as it is undergoing extensive changes by the creator. Not sure when or if it will be returned, but we've opted to leave it in because if it is added back, it's totally worth it.

You asked for it and now it's here -- an overhaul of everything in KC:D; this mod tweaks the difficulty and balance of the game.

Dark Times boasts a rougher economy, slower level progression, more challenging combat, and an improved perk system. If the base game wasn't hard enough or you felt it needed some tweaks, this is the mod to try out.

Clean HUD Mod

Download the Mod Here

No matter how sparse a developer goes, there's always someone who wants an even cleaner heads-up display in their first-person gaming experience, and that's what you get with this Kingdom Come mod. It replaces the reticle, compass, and various bars with less obtrusive ones, giving you a better overall view of the world.

Note that the clean HUD mod doesn't seem to play nice with the bow reticle mod mentioned earlier in this list, and they appear to nerf one another pretty badly, so at the moment you can't use both reliably.

Perkaholic Mod

Download the Mod Here

This nifty mod adds a bunch of additional perks to KC:D's existing lists, and it also throws in perks for Bow, Polearm, and Unarmed skills. 

This mod gives you access to everything from Featherweight for reducing falling damage to Yokel for increasing your Speech when interacting with people outside of towns.

Since update 1.6, this mod has experienced some issues, however, so make sure to read through the description of how to get it working again in the forum here.

Stay Clean Longer Get Dirty Gradually Mod

Download this Mod Here

Update 10/29/18: As of update 1.7, this mod no longer seems to work and will crash immediately. Check back in a few days as an update may be coming to correct the problem.

Sometimes the little mods make all the difference, and this simple one keeps your clothes clean for a longer distance before they need to be cleaned. You still get dirty, it just takes more time to accrue so you don't have to bathe after walking across a small town.

This small handful of Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods are some of the very best mods currently available for the game. 

Which of these mods is your favorite, and have you found any others we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

For those still struggling with the game's mechanics and (sometimes) buggy quests, be sure to also check out our Kingdom Come: Deliverance walkthroughs:

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