Best Minecraft 1.15.1 Seeds for January 2020

Celebrate the new year with this month's selection of top Minecraft seeds for the latest 1.15.1 version.

Celebrate the new year with this month's selection of top Minecraft seeds for the latest 1.15.1 version.
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There has been no indication of stopping for Mojang, which keeps delivering new updates for Minecraft regularly. The latest 1.15.1 version fixes many bugs for the latest Buzzy Bees update, and marks another successful period for the game.

In the new year of 2020 you can explore all the fantastic new additions to the game in this one amazing update.

You can explore some of the most fantastic locations in this month's selection of top Minecraft seeds, which includes everything from cold to hot biomes and all the secret spots that can really inspire you to play even more than last year.

Seed: -962639596097062

Coordinates: -50, -200
Biomes: Desert, Ocean

Spawn on an island with a desert temple, a shipwreck, an ocean monument, and an abandoned mineshaft right underneath it.

The desert temple has four chests protected by a dynamite block, but if you can bypass it, you will get some cool loot.

The ocean monument also holds a massive gold block at coordinates 168, -312, so be sure to craft a diamond pickaxe and take a hold of it.

Seed: 176460618470483072

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Ocean

Double ocean monument at spawn!

Around these two massive structures you will find plenty of small islands and shipwrecks with loot.

Then, head southwards to coordinates 900, 1636, where you will find an exposed stronghold in the underwater ravine. The best part about this location is that ravine is isolated from the water, which makes it easy to explore the stronghold.

Seed: 319676516535915

Coordinates: 150, -150
Biomes: Desert, Plains

Spawn not too far away from the border of plains and desert biomes that hosts five structures in one spot.

There are two villages at coordinates 800, 200 and 1100, 100, two desert temples at coordinates 900, 250 and 1050, 200, and a pillager post at coordinates 1000, 250.

All five structures are surrounded by the river, which makes up for a great spot to settle for another session of a survival game in Minecraft.

Seed: -161651032221945

Coordinates: -100, 50
Biomes: Savanna, Plains, Ocean

There are two big island villages in this Minecraft seed. One is located closer to the spawn at coordinates 250, 700, which occupies a plains island, and another one needs to be traveled for a bit at coordinates -250, -2200, which occupies a savanna island.

Both villages are pretty big and have over a dozen buildings, but unfortunately neither has a blacksmith. In any case, you can find loot inside a shipwreck, which can be seen right near the second village on the surface.

Seed: -86782249420774928

Coordinates: 200, 250
Biomes: Forest, Plains

Spawn not too far away from two villages that stand very close to each other and a woodland mansion at coordinates -700, 250. The coordinates of the two villages are -500, -150 and -750, 50.

The first is located on a patch of a small flower forest and it also has a blacksmith, while the second one occupies a huge chunk of the forest biome.

Seed: 428916011500919

Coordinates: 200, 150
Biomes: Desert, Plains

Spawn in an area that is surrounded by savanna villages, but in the center of it all you will find a very rare desert temple that spawns inside the village at coordinates -400, -350.

You will also notice how one of the farms melds with the desert building, which is a cool little glitch you may want to explore.

Seed: 685406481903590

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Desert, Ocean, Savanna

You will spawn on an ocean shore a thousand blocks away from a small patch of desert biome that hosts three villages and three desert temples.

Here are the coordinates of all the villages:

  1. 900, 150
  2. 1050, 50
  3. 1300, -250

And, here are the coordinates of all desert temples full of loot:

  1. 800, 250
  2. 1100, 50
  3. 1100, -150

Seed: -491019653

Coordinates: -200, 150
Biomes: Ocean

You will spawn on a small survival island surrounded by icebergs. The island is almost bare with practically no resources. Getting to the nearest land will be quite difficult, so you have to use all available reserves as well as possible.

But if you still manage to reach the mainland, then at coordinates 50, 650 you will find a nice plains village.

Seed: -6101751204728370911

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Ocean, Ice Plains

Spawn on the ocean shore of a massive ice plains biome that hosts many igloos. The closest one to spawn is located at coordinates 200, 200. At spawn you will also see a shipwreck on the surface stuck at the icy beach.

If you travel a bit to the south, you will be able to locate a snow village at coordinates 350, 150 standing on a frozen lake.

Seed: 776972553968111046

Coordinates: 300, -350
Biomes: Plains, Forest

Right at spawn you will see a really nice plains village. There is another one close by at coordinates 650, -450. Some of its buildings spawn on top of a short hill, which can be very useful.

But the main point of interest is located at coordinates 1250, 1250. There you will find a third village with a stronghold located right underneath it.

Seed: 8809608647754964152

Coordinates: 350, 50
Biomes: Plains, Forest

You will spawn on a rather large island with a village on top. This unique Minecraft seed also offers extremely rare naturally-generated bee nests located at coordinates 750, -250.

You will have to cross the ocean and reach the mainland, if you decide to farm bees and honey. But you will be pleased to see another village at the same coordinates.

Seed: 8809608647754964152

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Forest

Woodland mansion and village at spawn!

The funniest thing is that you can see some of the buildings glitch into the mansion. The mansion itself is not very big, and it looks really unusual.

Also, beware of the constantly appearing mobs inside the mansion that will attack your villagers. But if you manage to install enough torches, you will be safe.

Seed: 55552777719999

Coordinates: 50, 200
Biomes: Plains, Mesa, Jungle

You will spawn north of a pretty large jungle biome that has a few surprises hidden on the other side.

Travel to coordinates -70, 1600 for a village that stands on the patch of the plains biome, and a pillager post that occupies a narrow margin between the jungle and mesa biomes.

Seed: -27395357289931255

Coordinates: 50, 250
Biomes: Plains, Forest, Taiga

Spawn at the edge of a massive swampland that stretches all the way up north to coordinates 550, -800. There at the very end of it you will see a woodland mansion standing next to a village.

At coordinates 350, -1450 you will find another settlement at the opposite side of the mega taiga biome.

Seed: 5808236593139772474

Coordinates: 150, 100
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

You will spawn on one of many small survival islands. If you go to coordinates 650, 100, you will see a small island village and an ocean monument right beneath.

The village island stands very close to other islands in the area. You can use this to connect them with bridges and walk freely gathering resources in the middle of the ocean.

Seed: 2209676534823432504

Coordinates: -200, 250
Biomes: Savanna M

If you like rare biomes and floating islands, then you will love this seed.

Go to coordinates 400, -700, where you will find a passage between mountains with a floating island and a waterfall coming down.

This is one of the most beautiful locations in the game with some terrific elements for a survival game.

Seed: -5135358858327312095

Coordinates: 200, 250
Biomes: Taiga

You can often find taiga villages in normal taiga biomes, but they rarely spawn on mega taiga biomes due to uneven terrain.

Well, at coordinates -350, 50 you can find a village that occupies both of these biomes in equal measure. It's a great opportunity to explore the forest range and stock up a lot of wood.

Seed: 2402836598215165737

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Mushroom Island, Desert

Mushroom island at spawn!

This is not only one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft, but it's also one of the rarest spawn points in the game.

This mushroom biome is connected to the mainland that consists of desert and savanna biomes.

Go ahead and locate a desert temple at coordinates -400, 300 with some fine loot inside:

  • 1x golden apple
  • 5x emerald
  • 3x iron horse armor

Seed: 7273090589951584958

Coordinates: 100, 250
Biomes: Ocean, Forest

Spawn on a survival island that stands near an ocean monument. The huge golden block can be mined at coordinates 280, 216.

Then, swim up north to coordinates -800, -1000. There you will find another survival island with a desert village and two desert temples holding:

  • 3x golden apple
  • 1x diamond horse armor
  • 1x iron horse armor

Seed: 272607767788408

Coordinates: 200, 220
Biomes: Forest

Spawn close to a village that got stuck between two types of forest biomes: roofed forest and birch forest. You can easily find it at coordinates 50, 350.

Luckily, there is also a blacksmith in the village with a chest containing obsidian. This means only one thing - there is a source of lava nearby, which you can use to farm obsidian.


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