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From novels to plushies and every novelty toy you can think of, we've rounded up the 19 best Minecraft gifts for kids!

Best Minecraft Merchandise and Gifts For Kids

From novels to plushies and every novelty toy you can think of, we've rounded up the 19 best Minecraft gifts for kids!
This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

There's no question that Minecraft is one of the most enduring gaming crazes, still going strong eight years later (we'll see if the Fortnite mania makes it that far). And Minecraft merchandise and gifts have been as popular as ever. 

If you've got a gamer kid to shop for, it's a good bet that (nearly) anything Minecraft related will be a hit either for a birthday or nestled under the tree on Christmas morning.

There are easily thousands of potential Minecraft gift options out there, and we've sifted through them to find the best of the best.

While the major big-box stores and retail websites are filled to the brim with Minecraft swag, there are some other places to look that offer up treasures your kids will love.

Places like Spirit of Halloween or Hot Topic, for instance, can be surprising resources and don't discount custom-made work via outlets like Etsy or Redbubble.

Ready to get started? Let's take a look at the top 19 Minecraft presents for kids so you can get to shopping!

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Xbox One S Minecraft Edition

When you've got a real Minecraft console fanatic to shop for, and you don't mind dropping a few hundred bucks, this is the ultimate Minecraft gift. Both the console itself and the Xbox One controller have been given blocky makeovers, and the bundle includes the base Minecraft game.

If you decide to go this route for your lucky kid, you'll definitely want to jump on ordering it early. This limited-edition version has now been discontinued, so once online outlets run out of stock, there won't be another chance to buy it again before the next console cycle.

Beadcraft: The Ultimate Fusion Bead Pattern Collection

Got a kid that's just in love with Perler bead art projects? All of the major Minecraft resources, mobs, and characters are covered here in these patterns that let you create Perler bead (or any other fusion bead brand) projects from the Minecraft universe.

The real draw here is setting aside the time to do crafts with your kiddos. In that way, it's really a 2-in-1 gift for you and for them. Don't forget to order a few extra bags of beads to go with the book!

Minecraft Lab For Kids Activity Book

This is another Minecraft gift option that revolves around family activity time and lets you jump into the Minecraft action without having to actually learn to play the game (a big plus for non-gamer parents).

A series of six "quests" throughout the book will take your child through various activity labs themed around Minecraft, and parents can also actively take part in completing them, too.

LEGO Minecraft The Creeper Mine

LEGO and Minecraft are a match made in toy heaven, and if you've got a child who loves the idea of building structures in real life instead of in a digital world, this is a great way to go.

The Creeper Mine is one of the most interesting kits right now, but there is a large number of other Minecraft-themed sets out there, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

You can find many, many more over here, including polar igloos, nether portals, chicken coops, a skeleton village attack scene, and more.

Hot Wheels Ghast Attack Track Set

Obviously, LEGO isn't the only toy brand in town that wants to capitalize on the huge popularity of Minecraft.

For the little ones obsessed with race tracks and fast cars, you can also find Hot Wheels sets that utilize Minecraft mobs and blocky vehicle designs. Several other sets and standalone cars can be found over here.

Hostile Mob Set

Figurines and action figures are another great place to look for Christmas gifts and/or birthday gifts.

This figurine set covers the infamous zombie, creeper, skeleton, and enderman mobs. It also includes some crafted Minecraft weapons. If you aren't a fan of the bad guys, other sets are available featuring animals, armored heroes, and various block types.

Transforming Sword / Pick Axe

For the budding cosplayers (or just kids who like to play pretend with their friends), going directly to Minecraft tools is an obvious pick. There are a ton of options to choose from right now.

I'm a big fan of this nifty toy that can easily switch back and forth between the mining pick axe and a Minecraft sword for slashing apart aggressive mobs. My kid is a big fan, too. 

Minecraft Card Game

When you want to get a gift for a Minecraft-obsessed kid but would prefer they not spend all their time on the computer or gaming console, picking up any of the Minecraft themed board and card games currently available is a great option.

This is a standalone card game that's easy for the family learn, but it certainly isn't the only one out there right now! The Builders & Biomes strategy board game is due out later this month, and if your kid really likes Uno, there's also a Minecraft edition of the classic card game.

Minecraft Guide Collection

While there are plenty of online resources teaching kids how to play Minecraft, a collection of physical books can make for nice offline reading and a great gift for your child to display on their bookshelf.

Make sure to buy the latest edition, and that you get the right book for your version, though! Because it has reached so many platforms, Minecraft comes in multiple versions that vary between PC, console, and mobile editions.

Minecraft: The Island Official Novel

Minecraft has managed to make it into a variety of mediums outside of video games, and for the voracious readers out there, there are tons of great novelizations to choose from.

The Island is available in several physical editions, or you can grab it on Kindle for the kiddos who prefer their eReaders.

Does your child already have this one? There are a number of additional Minecraft book series and graphic novels available now, like Diary Of A Minecraft Zombie and Stories From The Overworld.

Light Up Redstone Ore Statue

You had to know some nifty block type toys were going to hit this list, didn't you? Unfortunately the far superior blue diamond light up box from ThinkGeek is no longer available, but this redstone ore light is still pretty cool.

Keep in mind that it's smaller than you may think and fits in the palm of your hand, so it's probably not suited for toddlers. We'd say it's more for the 6-10+ crowd.

Redstone Torch USB Charger

We're talking about a game that revolves entirely around crafting objects into other forms, and plenty of toy and electronics manufacturers have taken that idea to heart, such as with this USB charger.

This thing looks amazing plugged into a wall outlet, and is a perfect gift choice, especially for a kid that prefers to play Minecraft on a mobile device.

Minecraft Hooded Sleeper

While it's always best to not buy socks for anyone at Christmas -- or on their birthday -- some other clothing items might be alright. If your kid is a true Minecraft fanatic, this hooded sleeper is one of those items. 

There are hundreds of Minecraft clothing styles lining retail shelves and digital storefronts, so go with your gut on what your kid likes. If you want a cute sleeper with a hood, this is the best one out there right now.

Free Hugs Zombie Shirt

I'll admit: I chuckle every single time I see this design. It's a good bet your Minecraft-loving kiddo will dig it as well if they like zombie humor.

Are your kids into Creepers more than shambling zombies? JCPenney has some kid's sized Creeper shirts as well as other designs that are worth looking through to find the perfect gift.

Minecraft Pajama Set

When the toddlers -- and those just a tad older -- are still young enough to love comfy jammies, there's no shortage of Minecraft options available. This one includes both the major characters and mobs on the shirt, along with a blocky head design on the pants. Yes, this is currently sitting in my shopping cart and will be wrapped up by December 25. You can count on that. 

Minecraft Slippers

To finish off the perfect, comfy, at-home Minecraft outfit, you can't go wrong with the hero slippers! If you've got a kid who is totally obsessed with designer tennis shoes instead of slippers, there are some options available. However, the price on those may bring a tear to your eye.

Treasure Chest Backpack

For those lucky kids who still get to carry backpacks between classes instead of being required to leave them in lockers, this is a killer gift to let them show off their Minecraft love to their classmates.

While the chest is an obvious design for a backpack (what treasures do they keep in there?), you can also find backpacks shaped like creepers or with grayscale camo block designs.

Creeper Plush

Forget teddy bears and baby dolls, there's a whole wide world of gaming-themed plushies out there for little kids to snuggle with and love up on!

While my kid is more partial to dragons and goblins, Minecraft has a fairly big selection to pick from, like this fuzzy, green creeper. There are a ton of other plushies on Amazon and at various other outlets, from pigs to zombies to pick axes.

Minecraft Mob Poster

Has your teenager started plastering their walls with posters yet? Minecraft is a pretty tame subject for that rite of passage.

This particular poster covers most of the villainous mobs in the game, but what if you want something a bit different? An absurd number of Minecraft poster designs can be found here for super cheap.

Did you decide to pick any of these toys or accessories up for the little ones in your life? Drop us a comment and let us know how much they loved the present!

If you've seen any other great Minecraft merchandise and gifts for kids that we missed, be sure to let us know so we can take a look and get them added!

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