Ever wanted to try parkour in Minecraft? Here are some of the best parkour maps for Minecraft 1.10.

Best Parkour Minecraft Maps for 1.10

Ever wanted to try parkour in Minecraft? Here are some of the best parkour maps for Minecraft 1.10.
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Parkour is definitely one of the most exciting themes that can be incorporated on a Minecraft server. There are thousands of various parkour maps online, and they all offer new interesting ways to traverse obstacles.

Every Minecraft parkour map is a real puzzle and requires precision over speed. But once you are familiar with the path of the map, you can start competing for who will finish first.

The following parkour maps for Minecraft 1.10 have been highly praised by the community for being not just super creative, but also quite challenging in terms of level of difficulty. So, try them out!

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Mission Canine Rescue

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This adventure map includes unique forms of parkour such as levitation, magma and radioactive blocks parkour. There are also several bosses you will have to beat at the end of each challenge, so it is essential to keep your health high.

The level with radioactive blocks is especially difficult. If you accidentally touch one of them, you will instantly die. So, pay special attention to those green slimy blocks, as they are incredibly dangerous.

Quake Parkour

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Currently, this Minecraft parkour map has over 30 levels of various difficulties (Easy, Normal and Hard), an entire training level and a few bonus levels that can be unlocked by accomplishing challenges.

The design of the map was inspired by the famous arena shooter, Quake. It consists of rooms with many obstacles that get more difficult as you progress through the levels.

Epic Parkour

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On top of the typical three modes of difficulty, this parkour map offers two extra levels – gold and diamond. They are way harder and may require you to use speed potions.

Other than that, it is mostly focused on developing your platform jumping skills. The secret to finishing this map is in the constant retention of your speed -- but if you slow down for just one moment, you will fall.

5 Pillar Parkour

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Now, this one is not for the faint-hearted. There is only one mode of difficulty in 5 Pillar Parkour – and it’s hardcore. The map consists of five 10 x 12 pillars that you must jump through or fall through.

Some of the levels will require you to simply drop down -- which sounds simple, but is very difficult in reality. The entire walkthrough will take you about 1-2 hours depending on your skill level.

If you are new to parkour, then maybe it is not a good idea to start off with this map. But if your goal is to find something truly challenging, then go ahead and download it.


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OctoCourse is a hybrid of a parkour map and a puzzle mini-game, and unsurprisingly, these two fit very well together. It has a very cute design, so if you want to start playing parkour, then this map is a good choice.

There are 8 levels in total and they are quite long, so you will have more than enough fun going through all of them.

What are your favorite Minecraft parkour maps? Share them with the rest of us inside the comments.

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