These are the very best Resident Evil 3 mods so far, including everything from costume changes to a Dino Crisis mod.

Best Resident Evil 3 Remake Mods So Far (2020)

These are the very best Resident Evil 3 mods so far, including everything from costume changes to a Dino Crisis mod.

Though the Resident Evil 3 remake has only been out for a few weeks, the modding community has been busy adding tons of content to the game on PC. Following in the footsteps of the Resident Evil 2 remake from last year, RE3 already has everything from new costumes for Jill to reshade and even a Dino Crisis mod. 

This list also includes both utility mods that fix a lot of issues with gameplay, and inventory mods that give you more control over the game's moment-to-moment minutiae. 

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Ultimate Trainer Mod

Download it here

Many games utilize cheat codes and console commands to bypass certain gameplay restrictions. But you won't find anything similar in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

The best alternative is to use a special trainer mod that enables all the game's features in one convenient interface. After you install the mod, all you'll need to do is make all the necessary adjustments to your game beforehand. 

This mod allows you to tweak things such as: 

  • Ammo type
  • Ammo amount
  • Game speed
  • HUD
  • Shop points
  • Collectibles
  • Enemies 
  • Gun recoil

There are options for unlimited ammo and invincible enemies, as well as enemy stats and damage modifiers. You can even adjust the item box and fast-forward cutscenes. 

Jill Definitive Classic Costume Mod

Download it here

Jill's new outfit in RE3 is certainly an update from the original, but if you have a special place in your heart for the old, nostalgic feel of the original game, then you can't miss this mod.

Jill's Classic Costume mod makes her look exactly like she was back in 1999 without sacrificing the graphics of the remake. It's the best of both worlds. 

RE3 Immersion ReShade Mod

Download it here

This ReShade mod pack includes four different modes for the game's graphics:

  • Color: Gives the game a more natural look.
  • Reduced: Recommended for players, using a TV screen to play the game.
  • Normal: Recommended for PC users playing on typical LCD screens.
  • Extreme: Makes the game look much brighter and adds contrast.

The Normal mode is preferred, but it depends on your personal tastes. Either of these versions looks great anyway.

2B/2P Nier Costume Mod

Download it here

Nier: Automata is one of the best games in the Square-Enix catalog. If you loved that game, and 2B's outfit, then you can switch Jill's default costume to 2B's in RE3 using this mod.

It not only replaces three elements  skirt, gear, and a knife substituted by the Virtuous Contract katana blade  but it also adds 2B's haircut and all of her characteristic facial animations.

Dante for Carlos Mod

Download it here

Although some animations aren't complete, this mod replaces Carlos with Dante from the latest Devil May Cry game.

Unfortunately, Dante's sword is missing in the mod, but it's possible it will be added in the future. For now, enjoy roaming Raccoon City as one of Capcom's most-recognizable anti-heroes. 

Ultron for Nemesis Mod

Download it here

Replacing protagonists is fun and all, but what about enemies? If you're tired of fighting the same old Nemesis, then use this mod and replace it with the seminal comic book villain from The Avengers franchise: Ultron.

This mod only replaces the humanoid forms of Nemesis for obvious reasons, but it still looks incredibly cool.

Classic Inventory Mod

Download it here

One of the most charming elements of the original RE3 was its inventory window. It was like no other inventory in the gaming world back then. But times, they are a-changin'. 

Consequently, the default inventory in the remake is a bit more modern. If you want something more familiar (or something that just suits your playstyle better) this mod brings back that old inventory system with its characteristic design, including item icons, color schemes, and bars.

Ada Bunny Spy Mod

Download it here

Ada, the "super-serious bunny spy," was one of the biggest mods in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Now, after many (many) requests, the creator of the mod has ported the costume mod to RE3.

The original model for this mod was inspired by the Mai Shiranui character from Dead or Alive 6, who wears a similar red bunny costume.

Dino Evil 3 Mod

Download it here

Dino Crisis might be one of the most-requested remakes from Capcom's catalog. While we wait for an actual release, the Dino Crisis mod is the next-best thing. And the Dino Evil 3 mod delivers in spades. 

This enemy rehaul makes the game drastically different and even changes the dynamic of the game. Sure, the graphics aren't the best, but hey: it's Dino Crisis in the RE Engine. 

More Investigation Mod

Download it here

If you enjoy the re-designed Raccoon City of RE3, and want to explore it to your heart's content, then this is the mod for you. 

The More Investigation mod expands the city locations and provides Raccoon City with more things to investigate in the early part of the game.

The mod removes all the barriers and walls that conceal some of those areas. Now they're accessible and ready to be explored in full.


These are the best Resident Evil 3 Remake mods so far. Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below, and they might make it into our next Resident Evil 3 mods list. For more Resident Evil 3 Remake guides, check out the list below:

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