Six Pieces Fanart That Prove D.Va is Overwatch’s Biggest Gremlin

Want some silly, and maybe a little too true, D.Va fan art? You came to the right place.

There are two types of Overwatch fan art, sexy fan art and silly fan art.  Luckily for fan's of Overwatch's youngest member, D.Va, there's plenty of both.  While you'll have to go elsewhere to find the former, here's plenty of art showing D.Va as the goofy gamer girl we know and love.

"Nerf This!"

Part of Overwatch's appeal is that with so many different characters, players can easily find one they like and identify with.  And for some, Hana Song A.K.A. D.Va speaks to them on a personal level.  When you think about it, she's just another gamer, shouting at opponents when she charges her ultimate, taunting all the n00bs, and eating Doritos (that last bit may be artistic license).

Art by Faiell


This crossover with another popular Overwatch headcannon, Dad 76, is just great.  While of course Soldier 76 is concerned for his team's health, I get the feeling me makes a lot of exceptions.  He probably has to buy D.Va's Doritos and Mountain Dew when the team mom, Mercy, isn't watching.

 Art by jns-art

"Relating to the Kids"

Speaking of Overwatch's team mom, here's Mercy trying her hardest to have some fun with her gremlin daughter.  While she's a little out of her element, it's good to see some mother-daughter bonding (yes, we all know they aren't really related.)

Art by shermangiftbasket

All Part of a Complete Breakfast

Taking control points and moving payloads burns a lot of calories, and sometimes you need to just disregard nutrition and eat something that'll get you through the day.  D.Va's new smoothie looks perfect for this: it has caffeine for energy, plenty of sugar, and the Doritos add a tasty cheese flavor and fun orange color.  Feel free to try this one at home, I'll take D.Va's word for it.

Art by josephsk

She's Escaped!

Not content to exist in just fanart, Gremlin D.Va escaped into the real world. Of course, the first thing she did was go and get some McDonalds, the choice food of Gremlins everywhere.

I can't say she doesn't look happy with her decision, though.

Art by darling-bird

Here's Your New Wallpaper

As you can see, Gremlin D.Va is in all of us.  Whenever you know you should be working or going to the gym but just want to eat McDonald's and play a few hours of Overwatch, you're letting your inner Gremlin D.Va out.  Use this as your new wallpaper to remember the Gremlin in us all.

Art by potatoivy

Which Overwatch headcannon is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments!