Don't know what Hearthstone cards to disenchant? Here is a dirty dozen of candidates (plus one bonus) from the latest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

The 13 Worst Hearthstone Cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Don't know what Hearthstone cards to disenchant? Here is a dirty dozen of candidates (plus one bonus) from the latest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

The Hearthstone development team is required to make a certain number of really bad cards with every new expansion. Some of those cards mainly serve as fillers, but others are truly an exercise in trolling.

The latest expansion - Mean Streets of Gadgetzan - is no exception, and it has some really, really bad cards to offer. If you are new to the game, you must know what these cards are and never craft or play them… ever.

Most of these cards are of Common and Rare rarities, but there are a few Epic cards and one Legendary card, as well. So take a look at them, remember them and avoid them at all cost.

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Backstreet Leper

At one point the pre-nerf Leper Gnome was one of the most powerful 1-drops in the game. This new version of the Leper would be alright if it hadn’t been so darn expensive. Spending 3 mana for an insignificant 2 damage to the opponent’s hero is not viable in any sense of the word because it will never survive more than one turn with just 1 point of health.

This is definitely a dumpster-level card that you will never see in any well-constructed deck. It will also be ignored by any Arena players -- who would rather draft the nerfed Leper Gnome.

Shadow Rager

The Rager family of cards is renowned for being absolutely terrible, and they are in all respects the worst cards in Hearthstone. This one has Stealth, but think about all those cheap AOE cards that are being currently played on the ladder, and you can be sure  that it won’t survive for another turn.

However, it may sound strange, but Shadow Rager could do well in Arena, where people simply can’t draft too many good board clears. So there is a tiny consideration for drafting this card in that regard, but in any other case -- avoid it like the plague.

Street Trickster

A neutral Demon is something you don’t see too often in Hearthstone, as usually they all belong to the Warlock class. A Demon with Spell Damage is the first of its kind, but where do you actually play this? The only serious consideration is a Priest that uses Inner Fire + Divine Spirit combo, which isn’t bad at all.

But other than being included in some very specific Tier 5 type decks, this card won’t see much play, or should we say, it will see no play at all. It gets easily killed by cards like Crazed Alchemist and Kooky Chemist, which are used more and more often against Shaman totems and Doomsayers these days.

Toxic Sewer Ooze

It’s a real mystery why Blizzard decided to give this card such a limited effect instead of the full weapon removal, as it is stated on another similar card -- Acidic Swamp Ooze. The new Gadgetzan meta will obviously be heavy on weapon classes, so giving us such an understated card is nothing but a joke.

But again, due to pretty solid body for 3 mana, this card will see play in Arena -- just like Light’s Champion and Saboteur.

Call in the Finishers

This is such a weird spell to print for the Shaman class. In the current meta there is no way we will see Shamans playing Murlocs, and even if they do, this spell would still be too weak for such a high cost.

You could use it with Everyfin is Awesome for a 7 mana combo that gives you four 3/3 murlocs, but that is way too slow. Most classes will have some sort of AOE by turn 7, so these Murlocs won’t be able to do that much.

Tanaris Hogchopper

If this card had Charge -- and in the case your hand was empty -- then it would definitely see play. But you don’t see your opponent emptying their hand too often, so this will most likely never gain Charge in its current form.

Tanaris Hogchopper is a part of a 3-card family of Hogs -- the other two being Spiked Hogrider and Leatherclad Hogleader -- that gain Charge in case your opponent has Taunt or at least 6 cards in their hand. Those effects aren’t good either, but Tanaris has the worst of them all.

Gadgetzan Ferryman

Ferryman is not a bad card per se, but it is just such a boring and uneventful card that you may just as well ignore it completely. Rogue class has Shadowstep spells that return a minion to your hand for free and make it cheaper.

If Gadgetzan Ferryman would also make the returned minions cheaper, then it would be a completely different story. As for now, it’s just a River Crocolisk without the Beast tag.

Backroom Bouncer

Blizzard tried to push similar cards in the past, such as Flesheating Ghoul and Siege Engine. But none of those cards see play, and the same will happen with the Backroom Bouncer.

Sure, it’s a decent card for Arena, but we mostly focus on Constructed here. The only similar card that can be seen on ladder is Scavenging Hyena, but in addition to attack it also gains health. If the Bouncer gained +1/+1 for each dead minion, then it would be a considerably better card.

Weasel Tunneler

Blizzard is clearly trolling us with this one so that you can use it to troll your opponents. The only way you would play Weasel Tunneler is for messing up your opponent’s Reno Jackson turn by putting two of these cards in their deck.

But let’s be honest -- that is too far-fetched, and there really aren’t that many Reno decks on ladder. Taking into account that it is of Epic rarity, it can be safely disenchanted for those sweet 100 dust.

Blubber Baron

This greedy card requires too many conditions in order to get the buffs it promises. First, it needs to be in your hand, meaning that you cannot play it for at least several turns, which makes it a dead card. Secondly, only minions with Battlecry will trigger its effect. And lastly, it’s too damn slow and expensive.

Blubber Baron has an identity crisis and doesn’t know what it wants to be -- a fast card with buffs, or a slow card that waits for all the Battlecry minions to be played? One thing is sure -- it’s not a good card.

Piranha Launcher

Here is another example of an extremely expensive and slow card. If this was 3 mana instead of 5, then it would be great for turn three. But why would you ever want to play a weapon on turn 5 that deals only 2 damage?

Maybe you could buff the Piranha Launcher to make it more powerful, but weapons should have enough power by themselves without any buffs. This one is not going to make into anybody’s deck.

Wind-up Burglebot

Burglebot is the only mech in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan… and it is junk. Minions that carry draw mechanics should have health as their main priority, but Burglebot has a standard 5/5, which is the saddest stat distribution for this kind of card.

Also, it’s too expensive, as you mainly want to draw before turn five. So no, this won’t be good, even on Arena.

Mayor Noggenfogger

It’s like Blizzard is telling us to stop worrying and love the atom bomb because that’s what Noggenfogger is -- an atom bomb. This is the card of gargantuan proportions and the epitome of Hearthstone trolling.

Let’s begin with the stats -- a 9-mana minion with a 5/4 body. What a joke! Maybe there was a mistake during the development process and somebody put numbers in the wrong places. This card should have been a 5-mana minion with a 4/9 body, or something like that.

Then, let’s look at that ridiculous effect that basically works as a Misdirection, but not really. Misdirection truly chooses targets randomly, but Noggenfogger uses the 50% formula, so it’s not that random. It is similar to Mogor the Ogre from Goblins vs. Gnomes -- another legendary that makes all minions target the wrong enemy -- which is miles above Noggenfogger in terms of stats, which costs only 6 mana for a 7/6 body.

So, if you really want to troll your opponent and play this type of card, you’d better craft Mogor the Ogre, and at least put a convincing body on the board.

What other bad Hearthstone cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan have we missed? Let us know in the comments section.

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