These are the strongest non-legendary Pokemon from Generation 2 in Pokemon GO. Start training now to make sure you can pick these up as soon as possible.

The 7 Best Generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO

These are the strongest non-legendary Pokemon from Generation 2 in Pokemon GO. Start training now to make sure you can pick these up as soon as possible.
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The Generation 2 update for Pokemon GO is rumored to hit Android and iOS devices this month. With it comes over 100 new Pokemon to collect and slot into your team.

We know you're already planning which new Pokemon you'll train up for competitive battling. After carefully analyzing the original Gen 2 games, Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, we've unearthed the Pokemon we believe will have the maximum possible CP (Combat Power) in Pokemon GO when the new update finally hits.

Since it's unlikely that Legendary Pokemon will be available at game start, we've deliberately excluded them from this list. Of course, you can still expect Generation 2 Legendaries to be among the best Pokemon around, so don't let that mislead you into believing there's nothing better.

The following Pokemon are tough enough to go toe-to-toe with the top Legendaries in the game. Read on to discover the best Generation 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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7.) Kingdra

Starting off the list at number seven is the classic king of the sea and a powerful Water and Dragon type, Kingdra. We expect Kingdra to have a relatively high Attack stat and equally high Defense in Pokemon GO. Kingdra's projected Stamina may not be as high as others on this list, but it's still nothing to sneeze at. Kingdra's a balanced powerhouse all around.

Luckily, Kingdra will be relatively easy to obtain after the Gen 2 update if you already have a Horsea or Seadra. Best start looking for and training your ideal Horsea now so you can have a powerful Kingdra when the patch hits.

6.) Heracross

At number six we have the long-time fan-favorite Bug and Fighting type, Heracross. Judging from its appearance in Generation 2, we expect Defense to be its strongest stat in Pokemon GO. Of course, it still has a decent Attack stat, but it shouldn't be quite as high as its Defense. Its Stamina is likely higher than Kingdra's, though not by much.

Heracross is the only Pokemon on this list that doesn't evolve. That also means there's no way to prepare for a good Heracross before the update hits. Chances are, it won't be easy to find, either. If you decide to use a Heracross, we wish you the best of luck on your bug hunt.

5.) Steelix

Coming up at number five is the original heavy metal Steel and Ground type, Steelix. This Generation 2 Pokemon is a total Defensive beast and we fully expect that to be represented in Pokemon GO. Its Attack stat should be a little worse than Heracross's, but it's Defense more than makes up for it. Unfortunately, it's Stamina won't be all that great, sitting at around the same value as Kingdra's.

Steelix evolves from Onix, which is currently available in Generation 1. If you're looking to use a Steelix next patch, I suggest training up your Onix now.

4.) Scizor

In the number four slot, we have everyone's favorite Bug and Steel type, Scizor. Like Heracross, this Pokemon is expected to have a high Attack alongside an even higher Defense. However, while Attack and Defense should both be higher than Heracross, Scizor won't have much Stamina -- likely less than Kingdra or Steelix.

Scizor is easily the strongest Generation 2 Pokemon that evolves from something introduced in Gen 1. You'd be smart to start training your Scyther now to have an edge when the next Pokemon GO update finally drops.

3.) Houndoom

At number three is the nefarious Dark and Fire type hellhound, Houndoom. This vicious Pokemon is expected to have an incredible Attack stat. Couple that with a projected Defense and Stamina similar to Kingdra's and you have one of the best Pokemon in the game.

When the Generation 2 patch drops for Pokemon GO, keep a look out for Houndour -- the pre-evolution of Houndoom. It won't be an easy Pokemon to find, but if you do pick one up, you shan't regret training it into the formidable Houndoom it can become.

2.) Ampharos

Sliding up at the number two slot is Little Bo Peep's prized Electric type, Ampharos. It may not look it, but this adorable Pokemon packs a powerful punch. Its projected Attack stat soars higher than even Houndoom's and has a better Defense to boot -- which is sweetly complemented by an excellent Stamina stat. It even has the potential to be better than Dragonite.

Ampharos evolves from Flaaffy, which evolves from Mareep. Chances are, Mareep will be the easiest Pokemon from this list to find in Pokemon GO after the Generation 2 update finally hits. If nothing else, it's a fantastic substitute while waiting to find and catch the number one Pokemon on this list.

1.) Tyranitar

Stealing the spotlight at number one, we have the armored, pseudo-legendary Rock and Dark type, Tyranitar. With this Pokemon by your side, you could be virtually unstoppable. Its Attack stat is expected to be around as high as Ampharos's, which is totally nuts when you take its other stats into consideration. Its Defense should be even better than Attack, though not quite as insane as Steelix's. To top it all off, its Stamina is projected to be higher than anything else on this list.

Tyranitar evolves from Pupitar, which evolves from Larvitar. I'd bet that Larvitar is rarer than both Houndoom and Heracross, so it'll likely be quite some time before you find one. Persevere until you catch on and you're in for one of if not the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

What Pokemon are you excited to catch and train in Pokemon GO's upcoming Generation 2 update? I was already planning on using Ampharos, myself, but now I'm even more eager to catch one! Sound off in the comments below.

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