The 9 Best Gigantic Heroes for Competitive Play

Find the most powerful heroes for your team composition in this selection of the best Gigantic characters.

Gigantic, a free-to-play third-person MOBA, is finally getting its full release next week on July 20. The game is highly competitive and requires a good knowledge of all characters and their abilities.

If you didn't play Gigantic while it was in beta, then you might find yourself lost when trying to pick from all the great heroes in the game. But we're here to help -- and we've  selected the top tier characters for you to choose from.

Check them all out and decide which one fits your bill the best!

Lord Knossos

Powerful melee characters always climb on the top lists of almost all MOBAs -- and when such characters are fast in addition, then they quickly go above and beyond any competition. In Gigantic there is a character with all the above mentioned traits combined -- it’s Lord Knossos.

His main skills not only let him deal excruciating amounts of damage, but also let him survive in the direst situations. Although Knossos is a straight melee character, it doesn’t mean that he is easy to play with.

Some of his chain attacks are hard to master, such as Gore + Labyrinth + Skewer, but as soon as you practice enough, not a single enemy will be able to withstand its devastating effect.


A droid with a machine-gun -- a perfect match for ranged attacks. HK-206’s Bullet Barrage skill can keep an entire group of enemies at bay… non-stop, since there is no cooldown mechanic attached to it, which makes it his most powerful ability.

Another great skill is Fortify, which basically turns him into a ballista that has +20 armor and a more accurate aim. The only drawback is that you can’t move while using this mode. But you can always change the location and repeat the Fortify action once again when needed.


A highly mobile character with Jetpack is something you cannot miss in Gigantic -- a game that rewards fast evasive techniques. More than that, Beckett can use her main tool to take positions that are simply out of reach for other characters, which makes her truly indispensible for any team.

While HK-206 covers a vast ground with the help of his machine-gun, Beckett performs an Air Strike that serves as an AOE sweeper, although it's not as consistent as the droid’s ability. And if you need to deal a lot of ranged damage to one target, then using grenades is always fun.

Uncle Sven

This fun-looking character is extremely dangerous, especially in close combat. His main abilities involve flasks filled with either explosive or acid liquids. The latter ones are especially effective for breaking armor, but these should be used mainly in enclosed areas.

This type of character will fit players who don’t have a particularly good aim, as his flasks deal splash damage only. But damage is not Uncle Sven’s only utility, meaning that the support role fits him the most -- and he is definitely the game’s best support character by far.

The Margrave

Here is Gigantic’s own tank character that can take upon himself an incredible amount of damage. Just like any other tank, one of Margrave’s main abilities lets him use a shield -- in this case it’s a shield blazing with fire.

But unlike many other tanks, Margrave is not a slow hero -- on the contrary, his Charge Forth ability can turn him into a real threat for anybody standing on his way, as he rushes through the crowd of enemies. This is also a great tactic for creating a pathway for your teammates.


Combine Charnok’s massive damage power and Margrave’s tankiness, and you will have some of the most threatening composition in the game.

He can do well both in close combat (using his Dragon’s Breath ability) and long-range combat (using his Fireball projectiles). In any case, all of his skills revolve around fire and everything that you can do with it.

For example, Charnok can cast Hot Hail for an AOE effect, or Flame On for an incinerating effect that lasts for some time. Whichever skill of his you decide to use, just know that everything around you will burn.


You can’t play a game like Gigantic and not consider having a healer as your ally. But Vadasi is much more than just a mere healer. For example, consider her Ray of Judgement ability that deals damage to an enemy, but at the same time heals your team.

Of course, she has pure damage skill as well, such as Smite, and also pure healing skill, such as Divine Wind. But her most powerful and unique weapon is Devotion -- an energy orb that sucks the life out of her, but also gives her more power in the rest of her abilities.

Tyto the Swift

There is nothing particularly amazing about Tyto, but he is an excellent alternative to all other melee characters that you may find unsatisfying. Tyto is a swift killer that can deal with several enemies at the same time.

His Swoop skill can be used for both attacking and escaping the combat, which gives him a far greater advantage against all other slower characters.


When you feel like taking on a more challenging hero, then consider Wu. This toad-like creature is probably the most difficult character to master in Gigantic.

His skills are quite peculiar. Tongueflash that lets Wu catch an enemy with his tongue and pull it towards himself. However, that is just the first half of the trick, as then you will need to execute a chain of attacks, which is certainly not easy.

Here is one of such chains: RMB + RMB + LMB + Q + LMB + E + LMB + RMB + RMB + LMB + Q. It’ll take you awhile before you can execute it at once, but when you do, Wu will most definitely become your favorite hero in Gigantic.


What other great characters would you like to try out in competitive Gigantic? Share your thoughts in the comments section. And stay tuned for more Gigantic guides here on GameSkinny!