Have a good laugh at some of the best PUBG Mobile glitches found by players from all over the world.

The 9 Best PUBG Mobile Glitches (So Far)

Have a good laugh at some of the best PUBG Mobile glitches found by players from all over the world.

Mobile counterparts of PC or console games are naturally more buggy and glitchy. It's simply the downside of the platform, and you can't do much about it. But if you have a good sense of humor, you can simply enjoy all those glitches ... or at least some of them.

PUBG Mobile is now a number-one game on Android and iOS, and it's full of unexpected bugs and funny moments. If you want to see the best ones that players from all over the world have discovered, then follow this guide for the best PUBG Mobile glitches so far.

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Motorbike Glitch

There is a massive glitch on the Sosnovka island in PUBG Mobile. When trying to ride over the hill surrounding the military base on your bike, you may experience the weirdest -- yet funniest  -- moment in the game.

The bike will start rolling over and over, and there is no stopping it. So somebody, please, stop it!

No Head Glitch

Did you know that you can not only experience but also exploit PUBG Mobile's glitches? If you're tired of getting shot in the head, why not just remove the head? Well, you can do so by getting into a vehicle, aiming with your weapon, and then pressing "Drive."

As a result, your character will lose his head, quite literally. Now you can drive around the map without being afraid of receiving a headshot.

Stuck in the Sky Glitch

Sometimes you cannot even start to play simply because the game won't let you drop. As seen in the video, one player recorded the glitch when he got stuck in the sky. At this point, you can't do anything, but you can watch other players from above.

You can achieve this effect by removing your parachute too early. Just beware that it's not as fun as it may look.

Last Circle Glitch

You probably have heard about this glitch. It usually appears when players use bots, and the last circle narrows down to a tiny beam of blue light, and nobody wins in the end.

It's fun when bugs and glitches make you laugh, but this kind of glitch is annoying, and players should just stop using AI bots.

First-Person Glitch

There is no first-person mode in PUBG Mobile yet. But it looks like some players have managed to trick the game into letting them have one. You can achieve the effect by switching the gun and activating scope at the same time.

It looks a bit funny, but hey, it's a first-person view nonetheless. So enjoy this glitch while it hasn't been fixed yet.

Any Clothing Glitch

How about unlocking any clothing you want for your character without paying any money? Well, there is a temporary solution -- or a glitch, to be exact. You can choose any item from your inventory, then press "Reset Appearance" and "Exit."

In this simple way, you can put on any clothes you want. However, the glitch will not work in the game, but only inside the menu.


Underground Glitch

It's hard to say how exactly you can get under the ground in PUBG Mobile, but some players have been successful by entering the tunnel on the eastern part of the map.

Otherwise, it can happen as a vehicle glitch after you drop off. The game will unexpectedly spawn you under the ground, and you can even use it to win the match.

Flying Glitch

Looks like we've tried everything: walking on the clouds, getting underground, and now we can also try flying. There is a secret place on one of the bridges in PUBG Mobile that glitches and sends you flying into the sky.

Well, you aren't exactly flying; it's more like falling. But who cares? It's definitely one of the funniest glitches in the game so far.

Too Fast Glitch

It's one thing when some bug happens to you, but what if you stumble upon somebody who actually got glitched? One YouTuber spotted either a very lucky guy or simply a hacker, who moved so fast that it was impossible to kill him.

If it's a temporary glitch, then it's fine, of course, but if it's a cheater, then the developer simply must deploy an anti-cheat system as soon as possible.


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