The Seven Hottest Mods for My Summer Car

Playing My Summer Car and want to heat up your game? Check out these 6 mods!

Playing My Summer Car and want to heat up your game? Check out these 6 mods!
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My Summer Car is all about surviving in the harsh wasteland of... Finland? Actually, it's about building a car from scratch, doing odd jobs, drinking beer, and eating fine Finnish sausage. If you're looking for a realistic survival/racing/crafting hybrid, look no further.

While there's no real mod support from the developer, many players have taken it upon themselves to add their own touches to the game -- enhancing or changing My Summer Car to fit their own tastes. The next few slides will go over some of the best ones you can currently implement in your own game.

Note: Some mods for My Summer Car are fairly extensive and perhaps not entirely stable, so always back up your saves and game files before testing these mods out for yourself.

Mod: MSC Mod Loader 0.2

Creator: piotrulos

MSC Mod Loader streamlines your modding, doing some of the grunt work for you. With the Mod Loader, all you have to do is drop the mod files you've downloaded into a folder, and execute the program to patch the mods into your game.

Some mods do some wild things, though, and Mod Loader can't handle everything -- so be sure to read the installation instructions on each mod carefully.

Download MSC Mod Loader here.

Mod: Quicksave and Quickload

Creator: RJ42B2C

Currently, My Summer Car's save function and load feature require you to go into your bathroom and *ahem* relieve yourself. Quicksave and Quickload gives you keyboard shortcuts, streamlining the whole process nicely. Bullet dodged.

Download Quicksave and Quickload here.

Mod: Game Save/Load Bot

Creator: auksasful

Though shortcuts are nice, the Game Save/Load Bot takes saving games a couple steps further. Ordinarily, My Summer Car only gives you one save file. This Bot an external executable lets you manage several saves at once, and choose which one to load at any given time. It's a truly nice feature if you want to start a new game, but don't want to lose that pretty show car you worked so hard on.

Download Game Save/Load Bot here.

Mod: Starter Pack

Creator: GyroscopicDesign

Speaking of show cars, the Starter Pack mod is wonderful if you messed up a save, or died and had to restart. Don't want to spend another ten hours saving money and rebuilding your clunker? Starter Pack is for you! Install this mod, and you'll start a game with a car you can win prizes with.

Download the Starter Pack here.

Mod: MSTuner

Creator: ajanhallinta

MSTuner is an in-depth mod that allows you to change a ton of things about your car: engine stats, drivetrain, axles, and even the textures and models of individual sections of your car's exterior.

Out of all of the mods on this list, however, MSTuner is probably the most unstable. Though it gives you nearly unlimited customization, there's a high risk of corrupting your savegame so back up your saves before playing around with this mod. With all the customization available, however, this mod is certainly worth it!

Download MSTuner here.

Mod: EngineFixer

Creator: haverdaden

We've come to the part of the list where some people scoff at how easy these mods make the game. EngineFixer allows you to see the wear and tear you've done to your car's engine, and fix it with a single click.

Some people regard this as cheating and while that may be true, having your engine bust in My Summer Car is no small matter. Think of EngineFixer as insurance.

Download EngineFixer here.

BONUS MOD: My Winter Car

Creator: by smonk

Tired of driving around in an endless summer? My Winter Car turns My Summer Car into a winter wonderland! Download My Winter Car here.

There you have it, My Summer Car fans! The six (plus one!) hottest mods for your favorite survival driving game. Got any mods you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!