The Sims 4: Must-Have CC for Barbie Fans

Bring Barbie into your game with this list of must-have Barbie CC in The Sims 4!

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Barbie has taken theaters by storm, and now you can add her to your Sims family using this list of must-have Barbie CC in The Sims 4. CC is custom content, but it can require expansion packs depending on the specific Sim, item, or house you’re trying to add to your game. Using CC is also a great way to spice up your game when you’re feeling bored since you can control the lives of your favorite characters from other media.

On that note, we’ll be going into the best Barbie CC you can get today for The Sims 4. You can find a lot more than housing in this list, so let’s get to it.

The Sims 4: Must-Have CC for Barbie Fans

  • Players can share CC in The Sims 4 gallery.
  • Third party websites like The Sim Resource let you find and share even more CC options.
  • All CC on this list is free.

Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse

Image via The Sims Resource

ProbNutt on The Sims Resource has created this amazing Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse, and what Barbie wouldn’t love to live in this spacious pink mansion. With five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and space for you to make your own additions, you can jump right into The Sims 4 as Barbie with a fully furnished house to match her tastes.

Barbie’s Dreamhouse with More Pink

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Maybe ProbNutt’s Dreamhouse doesn’t suit your tastes, but what about a Barbie Dreamhouse from Kate Emerald on Patreon that is similar, but with more pink and outdoor decorations? I love how vibrant this house is, and with The Sims 4 basically being a virtual dollhouse, putting them in a house made for a doll is very fitting.

Barbie Dream Boat

Image via Patreon

Okay, so you want to live on the open seas of The Sims 4 instead of in a house. No problem, Kate Emerald on Patreon also has a Barbie Dream Boat that lets you live in luxury on the water. It has all the style of the Dreamhouse, but fashioned into a boat that is easily spotted in emergency situations given how pink it is.

Barbie Toy Dreamhouse

Image via Patreon

If you’re looking for Barbie CC that is more subtle or doesn’t take up as much space, Around the Sims has a Barbie-inspired dollhouse on their Patreon that lets children in The Sims 4 play with dolls in a three-story home that Barbie would love. Some of you may remember the real life version of this one!

Barbie Heel Collection

Image via Patreon

As we saw in the movie, Barbie loves her heels. Now, you can give your Sims their own high heels in a variety of colors, including pink, of course! Even if you aren’t a Barbie fan, you might enjoy this set of shoes from Jius-sims on Patreon because they’re stylish and The Sims 4 doesn’t seem to offer many options with heels.

Barbie Hair Set

Image via Patreon

Maybe the available hairstyles in The Sims 4 just aren’t giving you that Barbie feel. Well, Daylife Sims on Patreon has a set of hairstyle that are based on the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures version of Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie. These are available in multiple colors, and you can give your Sims hats even while using these styles.

Barbie Dreamhouse as an Oversized Dollhouse

Image via The Sims Resource

The previous houses are designed to look like dollhouses made real, but this one from DambiSims on The Sims Resource is designed to look like a dollhouse made big enough to live in. As in, if you look on the other side, it’s basically a giant dollhouse that can open up for your Sims to live in. It’s a very clever build, but your Sims might be unhappy if you have the Seasons expansion since they aren’t protected from the weather in this house.

There are more CC pieces that I would have loved to include, but for one reason or another, the links to them no longer work and that makes them available at the moment. However, I expect a surge in must-have Barbie CC in The Sims 4 for fans due to how popular the movie is, and I’ll be watching for more gems to add to my list. In the meantime, check out more Sims 4 content like how to play offline or the best infant CC mods for CAS.

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