Witness unusual woodland mansions, double ocean monuments, and many other cool features in this month's selection of the top Minecraft seeds.

The Top 20 Minecraft 1.12.2 Seeds for November 2017

Witness unusual woodland mansions, double ocean monuments, and many other cool features in this month's selection of the top Minecraft seeds.

Mojang is actively developing the next version of Minecraft. But it'll still take a long time before we see anything significant, such as new types of blocks or command lines.

While there are a lot of things to fix for the upcoming update, we can all focus on discovering the most exciting Minecraft seeds for this month. And there is indeed a lot to see, as it looks like the developers have changed a few scripts, when it comes to woodland mansion spawns and other big structures in the game.

If you want to know more, then don't wait and check out all the best seeds for November 2017!

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Seed: -946200031221549445

Coordinates: 184 65 256
Biomes: Savanna, Desert, Roofed Forest

Here's a Minecraft seed with 17 villages, 5 desert temples and a woodland mansion -- all within mere 1000 blocks.

Right at spawn, you will already see three villages and a desert temple. if you go a bit north, at coordinates 500 -780, you will find a woodland mansion.

Here are the coordinates to all 17 villages:

  1. 280 376
  2. 280 584
  3. 88 -152
  4. -216 -504
  5. 760 8
  6. 728 808
  7. -376 152
  8. -936 -472
  9. -952 216
  10. -840 616
  11. 1304 312
  12. 1176 664
  13. 1160 1384
  14. -1368 -296
  15. -1528 136
  16. -1512 776 
  17. -1832 152

Here are the coordinates to all 5 desert temples:

  1. 152 616
  2. -136 -328
  3. -360 72
  4. -808 152
  5. -1304 24

Seed: -476768032570262644

Coordinates: -240 75 224
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Extreme Hills

This is probably the weirdest woodland mansion you will ever see in Minecraft. The coordinates of the mansion are -1200 500, not too far away from the spawn point, and it's worth seeing it with your own eyes.

The mansion is entirely covered by the landscape with soil and trees hanging all over it. There is also a naturally generated tunnel in the soil that allows you to walk around the roof. Go ahead and check it out, because you'll never experience anything like this again!

Seed: -4780913258657459641

Coordinates: -133 80 255
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Here's a double ocean monument seed! You will find this incredible sight at the following coordinates -574 -1135. Both water temples have huge gold blocks inside their bellies at coordinates -724 42 -1205 and -468 42 -1254.

Minecraft spawns two giant structures so close to each other extremely rarely, so don't miss the opportunity to see this amazing place.

Seed: -883717112576585624

Coordinates: -152 78 132
Biomes: Savanna M, Extreme Hills, Taiga

Get ready to be stunned! You will spawn in a savanna biome with extremely tall hills that reach well over 200 blocks and above the level of clouds. Then, teleport to these coordinates 1956 -1275 and -1292 -509 for two strongholds.

The coordinates correspond to the locations of the entrance tunnels, so be prepared to dig at those exact numbers. Also, near one of the strongholds you will see a cute little taiga village at coordinates -1400 40.

Seed: 448767882667752

Coordinates: -222 68 88
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

Triple savanna village and desert temple at spawn! The coordinates to all three villages are as follows:

  1. 88 -184
  2. 216 40
  3. 712 8

The desert temple is the closest one to the spawn point, and can be found at coordinates 56 152. Inside the temple you will have the chance to snatch some nice loot:

  • 3 golden apples
  • 1 diamond horse armor
  • 9 gold ingots

Seed: 535283807062877

Coordinates: 288 64 68
Biomes: Ocean, Desert

Spawn on a surface of a survival island that is a part of a small archipelago. At coordinates -280 856 and -216 1048 you will find another island made up of a desert biome that accomodates not one but two desert temples.

Both of them are filled with treasure, and if you're up to the task of pillaging all of their chests, then here's what you will get:

  • 3 golden apples
  • 1 diamond
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • 3 iron horse armors
  • 10 gold ingots
  • Enchanted Book - Punch II

Seed: 198901896753628

Coordinates: -216 70 256
Biomes: Plains, Jungle

Village at spawn and double jungle temple! There is a blacksmith with some gold and a pickaxe in his treasure chest, but the best part about this village is that it is set entirely on water.

Then, go a bit to the north and find two jungle temples at coordinates -456 -859 and -396 -1270. You will notice that one of them is submerged in the water, but the chests with loot are intact:

  • 4 emeralds
  • 17 gold ingots
  • 2 iron ingots

Seed: -740060223150125

Coordinates: 16 64 -83
Biomes: Swampland, Plains, Mushroom Island

You will spawn amidst a swamp that will lead you out into the ocean, if you go directly to the east. At coordinates 280 -152, you will encounter an ocean monument that stands really close to an island... a very unusual one.

This island merges three biomes, including a mushroom island biome, and accomodates a village at coordinates 568 -232. Unfortunately, there is no blacksmith, but you will find a horde of llamas nearby.

Seed: -411041473724078

Coordinates: 2 70 9
Biomes: Ice Plains, Savanna

As soon as you spawn, check out the river nearby -- there's a lone igloo standing on its banks. Then, go up north and try to reach the edge of the ice biome. At coordinates -680 -183 and 17 -813 you will find two savanna villages standing on the border of the two biomes.

One of the villages has a blacksmith's shop with quite an exciting treasure chest containing:

  • 1 iron horse armor
  • 1 iron leggings
  • 2 iron ingots

Seed: 859811790824114236

Coordinates: 76 67 244
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Plains

After you spawn in the middle of nowhere, go straight in the north-western direction. Soon you will notice a village standing atop a hill at coordinates -936 -280, and a horde of llamas.

But don't stop there. Keep on moving further, and at coordinates -1080 -580, just behind the village hill, you will see a burning woodland mansion. If you hang around for a bit, you will witness how the entire building will be set on fire -- quite an unusual sight for Minecraft!

Seed: -715861262166283899

Coordinates: -224 71 200
Biomes: Savanna, Desert, Roofed Forest

Are you superstitious? Well, it's getting all weird in this Minecraft seed, where you will find a village, a woodland mansion, and a desert temple all standing on the same spot at coordinates 1330 280.

More than that, there is a really strange cross hovering over the village, and it's naturally generated, so no trickery involved. But don't get yourself distracted too much, and go grab that loot from the temple:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • 2 iron horse armors
  • 5 iron ingots
  • Enchanted Book - Mending 
  • Enchanted Book - Respiration III

Seed: 962876822870721

Coordinates: -244 75 244
Biomes: Forest, Extreme Hills, Mesa

You will spawn in the thick of the forest that borders with a giant mesa biome to the north -- an area worth exploring. There are two hidden villages behind the mesa hills at coordinates 104 -936 and -792 -856.

One of the villages stands very close to a tiny swamp that happens to spawn a witch hut, so be sure to check that out as well.

Seed: 028975795171788

Coordinates: -52 82 256
Biomes: Jungle

If you have trouble finding some gold in Minecraft, then here's a seed that will provide you with enough gold for all your needs. All of it is distributed among four jungle temples that have the following coordinates:

  1. 312 -216 
  2. -184 -488 
  3. 136 -664 
  4. 840 -712

When you're done raiding all the treasure chests inside these temples, you will end up with the following items:

  • 3 emeralds
  • 38 gold ingots
  • 4 iron ingots 

Seed: 156759747196132302

Coordinates: -24 69 -56
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Spawn at the edge of the forest biome that opens up a way right into the ocean with two monuments very close to the spawn at coordinates 56 104 and -232 328. Both of these objects are surrounded by many small survival islands.

But the best one is located at coordinates -648 616 that accomodates a tiny village standing next to a giant ravine -- a great source of coal, iron and gold.

Seed: -507736455906286

Coordinates: 30 65 -24
Biomes: Various

Some players like one type of biome, while others prefer to explore as many biomes as they can. This seed is for the latter group of people, as it includes ten different biomes within a mere 1000 blocks.

There are some villages and other cool locations around, but here are the coordinates to each biome represented in this seed:

  1. Extreme Hills: 250 -25
  2. Ice Plains: -250 10
  3. Cold Taiga: -50 -30
  4. Savanna: 50 -500
  5. Desert: 200 -1000
  6. Forest: 500 -50
  7. Birch forest: 800 -500
  8. Plains: 850 -1000
  9. Mesa: -1400 -900
  10. Ocean: 100 -50, -1100 -900

Seed: -845913753830095

Coordinates: -63 69 210
Biomes: Plains, Desert, Mesa

A village and a desert temple at spawn! Not too often one can see these two objects spawning near a mesa biome. Although the temple is almost entirely buried under the sand, it's has some nice treasure chests inside:

  • 1 iron horse armor
  • 4 gold ingots
  • 2 iron ingots
  • Enchanted Book - Frost Walker I

Seed: 205898052826974954

Coordinates: -159 70 70
Biomes: Ocean, Roofed Forest

Spawn on the beach of a survival island that stands very close to the mainland. If you do decide to travel to the mainland, you will be surprised to see a woodland mansion standing right on the shoreline at coordinates 216 563.

Inside the mansion, you will find a secret room with a chest holding a golden apple at coordinates 219 67 607. But beware, the room is well guarded by a gang of zombies.

Seed: -950196919692199

Coordinates: 193 72 -144
Biomes: Ocean, Desert, Plains

You will spawn on an ocean shore close to several middle-sized survival islands that host a couple of villages and desert temples. The coordinates to the island villages are -664 634 and -408 712.

The temples are standing not too far away from the villages at coordinates -456 136 and -1176 1160. Together, both temples hold the following loot:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 1 diamond horse armor
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • 11 iron ingots
  • Enchanted Book - Flame 
  • Enchanted Book - Efficiency I

Seed: 603235314146262

Coordinates: 244 73 63
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

Savanna village with white llamas at spawn! This little settlement managed to occupy an entire savanna plateau, where white llamas also happen to spawn naturally.

On top of that, the local blacksmith has a few surprises in his chest in the form of:

  • 2 diamonds
  • 1 iron sword

What a truly great place to start your survival game!

Seed: -711488285459922

Coordinates: 207 64 287
Biomes: Plains, Jungle

You will spawn on a plain between a jungle temple and a small village. Although, the village itself doesn't have a blacksmith, you can always dig for some treasure inside the temple:

  • 1 iron horse armor
  • 4 gold ingots
  • 2 iron ingots


Have you got the chance to check out all of this month's top 20 Minecraft  seeds? If yes, then be sure to leave your feedback below about your favorite one.

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