The Top 20 Minecraft 1.13 Seeds for July 2018

Update Aquatic is almost here! So be sure to check out the best Minecraft seeds for July 2018.

Mojang is taking the release of Minecraft's aquatic update very seriously. To date, there have been five pre-releases and dozens of snapshots released. Each of them fixed bugs and added new features so that the final release would work as well as possible.

Right now, you can explore Minecraft 1.13 in its fifth pre-release, which includes every possible feature of the final aquatic update, such as buried treasure, shipwrecks, underwater temples and ravines, dolphins, and more. So check out this month's top 20 Minecraft seeds for all the best finds in this latest version the popular builder.

Seed: 1529615329250385434

Coordinates: 14, -24
Biomes: Mesa, Ocean

There's a shipwreck near mesa at spawn! This is a top-tier ship, which means it contains not one, not two, but three treasure chests -- and all of them are great. Together, you will be able to loot the following items:

  • 1x diamond
  • 2x emerald
  • 6x iron ingot
  • 19x iron nugget
  • Enchanted Leather Tunic -- Protection II
  • Enchanted Leather Pants -- Curse of Binding

As always, one of the chests contains a treasure map that will lead you to one more chest full of goodies at coordinates 201 -103. Here's what you'll find there:

  • 12x emerald
  • 16x iron ingot
  • Heart of the Sea

Seed: 921364884630847

Coordinates: -278, -244
Biomes: Plains, Ocean, Taiga

In this seed, you'll spawn on the ocean shore of the taiga biome. Then, travel east to coordinates 312 -200. There, you will find a tiny island surrounded by icebergs with a village on top of it.

There is a blacksmith with some obsidian in his chest in the village, and a shipwreck right nearby with a chest containing:

  • 6x emerald
  • 7x gold nugget
  • 7x iron ingot
  • 14x iron nugget

Seed: -536608979740013050

Coordinates: -60, 256
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest

You'll spawn near a beautiful village residing on a hill. There is no blacksmith in the settlement, but you will find a massive woodland mansion to the south -- not too far away from spawn -- at coordinates 400, 600.

Be careful when exploring this mansion, however: there are a couple of trap rooms with nothing but spiderwebs and mobs. If you want to dig up some treasure, then go to coordinates 435, 96, 645 for a secret chest holding:

  • 1x diamond chestplate
  • 7x redstone
  • 3x gold ingot

Seed: 873209331077764

Coordinates: 256, 252
Biomes: Jungle

Here you'll pawn on the border of a massive jungle biome, which has four jungle temples. You will find all of them by following these coordinates:

  1. 1200 -250
  2. 1500 200
  3. 600 100
  4. -800 1150

The chests inside each temple will provide you with a great selection of treasure, such as:

  • 3x diamond
  • 3x emerald
  • 1x diamond horse armor
  • 3x golden horse armor
  • 36x gold ingot
  • 12x iron ingot

Seed: -339808994562850

Coordinates: -144, 196
Biomes: Desert, Ocean

You'll spawn on the surface of a tiny survival island. Then, travel to the east to coordinates 1320, -296 for another island, which is much bigger. There, you will find a village and a desert temple standing next to each other.

The smithy's chest is filled with iron and gold, but the real treasure is inside the desert temple:

  • 3x diamond
  • Enchanted Book -- Riptide III

Seed: 1900915932512336826

Coordinates: 244, 148
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Here, you'll spawn in the forest near the ocean shore. Just near the shore, you'll find a tier 2 shipwreck at coordinates 67, 47. This ship lies on the underwater ravine, at the bottom of which you will see a massive lava pool. That is the reason why there are so many bubbles whirling around the ship.

Inside the wreckage you will find a chest with some enchanted gear,as well as another one with the map to buried treasure at coordinates 393, -103:

  • 1x diamond
  • 7x emerald
  • 8x gold ingot
  • 4x iron ingot

Seed: -833915012743765

Coordinates: 30, 12
Biomes: Desert

You will spawn not far away from the sand village at coordinates -232, 232. There is no smithy in the village, but you will find two desert temples just a bit north at coordinates -470, 40 and 50, -250.

If you collect all eight chests from the treasure chambers, then here's what you will end up with:

  • 5x golden apple
  • 3x diamond
  • 3x emerald
  • 3x diamond horse armor
  • 3x iron horse armor
  • 4x gold ingot
  • 4x iron ingot
  • Enchanted Book -- Frost Walker II

Seed: 667121721656330956

Coordinates: -156, 244
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest, Taiga

In this seed, you'll spawn in the thick of the taiga woods with nothing but snow-covered hills all around. Move up north to coordinates -700, -1000, and you will find a woodland mansion.

There are no secret rooms in this one, but you will find two storage rooms with lots of empty chests on the ground floor. You can also travel a bit to the east from the mansion, where you will be able to locate a small village with a smithy at coordinates -300, -800.

Seed: 076574343737401

Coordinates: -224, 236
Biomes: Jungle

Here, you'll spawn on the edge of a jungle biome that hosts three jungle temples at the following coordinates:

  1. 100, -700
  2. -300, 300
  3. 50, 650

Each temple has two chests -- six in total -- with some amazing loot inside, such as:

  • 1x diamond
  • 5x emerald
  • 41x gold ingot
  • 6x iron ingot
  • Enchanted Book -- Loyalty III

Seed: 3780759599944666380

Coordinates: -44, 52
Biomes: Desert, Ocean

There's a shipwreck at spawn! You will see it right away, since it's practically floating on top of the water at the ocean shore. There is a chest inside with Enchanted Leather Boots -- Curse of Vanishing.

Surprisingly, there is no buried treasure map, but you can still find it at these coordinates -55, -375:

  • 1x diamond
  • 12x iron ingot
  • Heart of the Sea

Seed: -736008224900320

Coordinates: -296, 264
Biomes: Desert, Plains

You'll spawn very close to a village that stands on the river. Here you'll find a blacksmith. What's more, this area borders a desert biome that has a desert temple at coordinates 284, 105.

Most of your loot will be from the four treasure chests at the bottom of the desert temple's pit:

  • 1x golden apple
  • 6x emerald
  • 1x diamond horse armor
  • 4x gold ingot
  • 8x iron ingot

Seed: 840559489782876171

Coordinates: 212, 200
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest

Just a bit to the north from the spawn point you will see a woodland mansion at coordinates 400, -550. There is a secret chest at coordinates 461, 70, -542 with the following items inside:

  • 1x diamond hoe
  • 5x redstone

If you travel even further to the north, you will stumble upon a village with blacksmith at coordinates 550, -900.

Seed: 943073300867842

Coordinates: -8, 244
Biomes: Savanna, Ocean

In this seed, you will spawn on a tiny island near a larger one that's home to a beautiful savanna village. There is a herd of white llamas near the village and a couple of huge ravines stretching all across the island.

And if you travel in the opposite direction, you will locate a long strip of mesa biome.

Seed: -6423325687962374117

Coordinates: 176, 240
Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Here, you'll spawn on the ocean shore of a forest biome -- and there's a shipwreck at coordinates 255, 109, which can be clearly seen resting on the beach. There is only one chest inside, but it's packed to the brim with:

  • 7x lapis lazuli
  • 2x gold ingot
  • 16x iron ingot
  • 19x iron nugget

Also, if you'll be travelling along the shoreline, be sure to check out a buried treasure at coordinates 377, 277:

  • 2x diamond
  • 9x emerald
  • 15x iron ingot

Seed: -5334223553116306393

Coordinates: 24, 136
Biomes: Desert

There's a desert village at spawn! It is located right near the river, so you will have quick access to water for your survival game (if that's your thing). And if you're looking for vauables, then take a look at the desert temple at coordinates 344, 56.

At the bottom of the treasure chamber you will find four chests containing:

  • 1x diamond horse armor
  • 4x iron ingot
  • 2x saddle

Seed: 735494449938026776

Coordinates: -72, 252
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest

You'll spawn in the middle of a forest with nothing particularly interesting close by. However, if you travel west, you will find two points of interest. One is the village at coordinates -1350, 550, and the other one is a woodland mansion at coordinates -1750, 250.

Usually, you can find secret rooms with chests somewhere on the gorund floor of mansions, but this particular mansion has one under the roof at coordinates -1782, 93, 267. Inside the chest you will find a diamond hoe and redstone dust.

Seed: 2047053153

Coordinates: 152, 156
Biomes: Ocean, Forest

Here, you'll spawn on a survival island with lots of wood. The island is completely surrounded with icebergs, and within the iceberg circle there is an ocean monument.

As always, the monument contains a massive chunk of gold hidden inside a well-guarded chamber at coordinates 232, 42, 257. You will need a diamond pickaxe to break the protective wall, but then you can stack up more than enough gold for yourself.

Seed: -964860085260874

Coordinates: 192, -168
Biomes: Ocean, Plains

You'll spawn on the ocean shore right between the village and the shipwreck at the coast. The shoreline is adorned with many big and small icebergs, and several patches of turtle beaches.

There is no smithy at the village, but there are two chests inside the wreckage holding:

  • Enchanted Leather Boots -- Projectile Protection I
  • Enchanted Leather Boots -- Thorns I
  • 3x gold ingot
  • 8x iron ingot
  • 19x iron nugget

Seed: -493961364986453

Coordinates: 22, -40
Biomes: Mesa, Savanna

Here, you'll spawn in a mesa biome very close to a savanna village at coordinates -136, -184. The village is rather small and there is no blacksmith, but you will find iron horse armor in a chest inside the skeleton dungeon right under the village at coordinates -169, 23, -145.

The dungeon also has a passageway into one massive abandoned mine shaft with a chest holding an Enchanted Book -- Respiration II at coordinates -138, 17, -20.

Seed: -991154225423218

Coordinates: -191, 42
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

For this seed, you'll spawn at turtle beach with a shipwreck right on top of it. This is a Tier 2 wreck, which means that there are two chests inside the ship. Together, both chests hold the following items:

  • Enchanted Leather Cap -- Projectile Protection I
  • Enchanted Leather Boots -- Fire Protection IV
  • 1x TNT

Besides these items, you will find an abandoned treasure map that will lead you to a location with another chest at coordinates -119, 89:

  • 1x diamond
  • 11x emerald
  • 13x iron ingots
  • Heart of the Sea


That is all for this month's top seeds selection, but be sure to come back for another batch of the top 20 Minecraft seeds next month here at GameSkinny!