Find out what gets generated when you use Dinosaur names as Minecraft seeds!

Top 10 Dinosaur-Inspired Seeds for Minecraft 1.11

Find out what gets generated when you use Dinosaur names as Minecraft seeds!
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There's a near-infinite amount of seeds out there for Minecraft. No matter what sort of biome, structure, or experience you're looking for, there's bound to be a seed for you somewhere. 

Here on GameSkinny, we've long been aggregating some of the best seeds we've found in our favorite block-based builder. From naughty Minecraft seeds to amplified seeds, we've seen it all. But what happens if you start generating seeds from a specific set of themed words? Some pretty neat things, it turns out. 

For this seeds collection, we decided to see what sorts of seeds are named after our favorite types of dinosaurs! Each of the seeds in the following slides is named after a well-known type of dino, and they cover a wide range of biomes -- so there's something here for everyone!

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Seed: Stegosaurus

Biome: Roofed Forest

For some reason, seeds which contain mushrooms are quite a thing in the Minecraft seed forum. So I was delighted when I found myself close to these! You'll find them just a little ways north of your spawn point.

This is a foliage heavy seed with all sorts of tree-heavy biomes, lots of plants, and animals galore! There is one large area of extreme hills, but the rest is relatively flat.

Seed: Trex

Biome: Forest

Although you spawn in a somewhat boring forest area, if you look around hard enough and head north you'll come across this little castle keep and village around X(355), Z(-146). Its inhabitants consist of clerics, fletchers, and cartographers. 

The immediate area surrounding the village is teeming with cattle, llama, pigs and chickens, so there is no short supply of leather and eggs, etc. Crops of wheat, potatoes, and carrots abound as well!

Seed: Gallimimus

Biome: Desert

It is surprising when you spawn into a desert biome area when you have only been spawning in forests or swamps. But what was even more surprising about this seed is the fact that there are lots of little desert temples dotted around the area. There is nothing in them at all and no people around, so it seems they don't really have a "function" other than just looking pretty. Either way, this was a lovely find. The area pictured above is at X(-302), Z(54).

I spent a good deal of time looking at this map and it is pretty sparse. I did eventually find a little settlement north of the temples shown above. There weren't many crops to speak of, but there was a chest in one of the houses with some obsidian and gold inside.

Seed: Ankylosaur

Biome: Plains

Although you spawn in a somewhat uneventful flat area, if you head to X(129), Z(785) you will come to this lovely village in a lovely area of taiga. Many of the buildings aren't really accessible -- so if you have an insatiable need to check them out, you will need to knock a hole in the wall.

Although this village is the only standout feature, this is still a wonderfully diverse seed.

Seed: Diplodocus

Biome: Plains

Even though this seed may appear to look boring, there is a lot of flat land to build and loads of little caves and caverns dotted around the map. The image above beautifully sums up this seed. It is very diverse, and you will find areas of all different kinds -- so if you are a bit of gatherer, you will be sure to find all sorts of resources for you to use.

Seed: Plesiosaur

Biome: Plains

It's not until you really explore that you realize how much this seed has to offer. In the plains areas, there are deep holes in the ground which lead to long winding dungeons. I'll admit to not having explored them all to the end -- but if you fancy seeing if there are any goodies inside, then I'm sure you'll have some fun.

Secondly, if you head to X(1409), Z(266) you'll come across something that could resemble an ancient temple. Then you realize that there is a huge jungle to explore and more temples to have a look at. Each temple I found had an underground catacomb area complete with traps, switches and plenty of loot.

Seed: Velociraptor

Spawn Biome: Plains

I really like this seed because my favorite biome is taiga forests. Sure, you don't spawn in a taiga area, but just head a bit south and you'll see loads of it. On the outskirts of one area is the lovely farm depicted above. Looks quite picturesque, right? This is definitely somewhere I would build my own village or farm.

Seed: Pterodactyl

Spawn Biome: Taiga

The spawn area in this seed looks pretty boring at first glance, and you have to travel pretty far to uncover anything interesting. But if you look close enough, you will find that the landscape is littered with lots and lots of cave entrances just begging to be explored.

You might also think about exploring some of the huge holes that crop up now and then. They look like some giant worm has just tunneled up to have a look at the world above. Be careful though, because I went into one and there were so many spiders in there! I had to make a quick exit!

Another interesting thing of note in this seed would be its fishing villages. There are some houses on stilts in the water, as well as farms on and near lakes. One of the largest ones can be found at X(-1829), Z(1329).


Seed: Archaeopteryx

Spawn Biome: Forest

Having spent so much time exploring all the seeds on this list, I had hopes of finding some real gems in this last one. Alas, it wasn't to be. This seed largely consists of normal and mega taiga -- which is pretty enough in itself. But I also found quite a few mushroom areas, deep and long ravines, and this little castle fort village.

Well, there you have it. A look at seeds inspired by Dinosaurs. Some of them may seem a bit boring -- but if you look hard enough, you can find all sorts of hidden gems inside.

If you decide to give some of these a try, drop a comment down below and tell us what you find. And make sure you check back here often as we uncover more fantastic seeds and other Minecraft content!

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