Top 10 Fallout 4 Must-Install Faction Mods

Need some new factions to spice up your Commonwealth adventures? We've got you covered with 10 awesome mods for PC and Xbox One!

Even if you didn't jump on the Fallout 4 VR hype train, there's still a lot of life left in this open-world apocalyptic RPG for the average player, and even more so if you dive into the world of modding.

One area where mods still haven't made as big of inroads as they have with many other elements from the game is in the faction system. Although there are a whole lot of minor factions like the Children Of Atom, Fallout 4 essentially featured four main groups that actually had a major impact on quest options and the story ending: the Brotherhood Of Steel, Minutemen, Institute, and Railroad.

Here we're rounding up 10 of the best mods that overhaul existing factions, or in a few cases, even add in entirely new ones!

Due to the restrictions on file sizes and outside assets on the PS4, many of these are only available for PC or Xbox One. When individual faction mods can be found on consoles, we'll include extra links on each slide so you aren't left behind.

Fallout UIF Mod

A truly ambitious mod showcasing the great lengths this amazing community will go to in order to make Fallout an even bigger experience, this mod adds in a full fifth faction called The Union of Independent Federations.

While the voice acting is frequently on the lower end, the fact that hours of new voice acting was added at all is particularly notable, as are the 20 or so hours of extra content added with new storylines, characters, and faction options.

Of particular interest is the focus on being a bad guy and taking the evil route while working with this faction, which the base Fallout 4 typically shied away from much more often than did its superior predecessors.

Faction Maintenance Mod

A deadly tool in the hands of the uninitiated, this incredibly powerful mod gives you total control over the opinion that just about every single character or entity in the game has towards the Sole Survivor.

Going way beyond just the primary in-game factions, the Faction Maintenance Mod lets you tweak settings on pretty much anyone, from super mutants to a companion you've ticked off. It even includes a bunch of extras from various other faction mods so you can tweak non-canon characters. 

Be careful when playing with those settings, though, as it can be easy to accidentally nerf the whole game or shut down entire quest lines when changing states on various characters, and there is a learning curve involved here.

Star Wars Faction Overhaul Mods

Synth Stormtroopers / Imperial Institute
Separatist Patrols Of The Commonwealth

Rather than giving you whole new factions, these two Star Wars-themed overhauls change existing characters to place the Commonwealth in a galaxy far, far away.

The first one modifies the Institute characters heavily, so synths and Institute scientists wear different varieties of storm trooper armor or various Imperial robes from the movie series. If you go hostile inside the Institute headquarters, get ready for a tense laser blaster battle (and yeah, they have better aim than in the flicks).

The second mod goes back to the much-maligned Phantom Menace to create hordes of Trade Federation droids that patrol around the Commonwealth at random spawns and replace many of the Institute synths as well.

True Overboss Mod (Nuka World Raiders)

This one expands the Nuka World raiders in ways it feels like the DLC should have already included, since you are supposed to be the head honcho ordering around all the raider factions.

With the mod installed, you can pull up the Pip-Boy to view information on your gang, summon raiders to fight for you, and give orders like picking up stim packs or going off searching for Nuka Cola recipe books (if you haven't used our guide yet to find them all).

Far West Minutemen Mod

Well howdy, pardner! Saddle on up with this mod and turn the Minutemen into Stetson-wearin', rope-tyin' cow pokes with a whole lot more personality than they had before!

All of the basic Minutemen troops get overhauls, including new names and custom outfits. This one requires a few other clothing mods to work properly, so make sure to follow the instructions carefully, or you might end up with a buggy, unfinished experience.

We Are The Minutemen Mod

The thinking behind supporting the Minutemen in Fallout 4 is that having more connected settlements will result in a safer, more prosperous Commonwealth. But honestly, all it really does is tick off the player, with Preston Garvey constantly giving you new pointless quests to protect a settlement that can't protect itself.

This mod totally overhauls the Minutemen, adding in more patrols around settlements, changing up how often settlement quests appear, adding Minutemen bandannas to roving dogs, and introducing a host of other tweaks to make the faction a more visible part of the game.

Bounties For You Mod

Another mod that adds in a distinct new faction, this one is focused entirely on bounty hunting -- but you aren't always the hunter! While you can collect bounties for the faction, a new element is added to the game where bounties will be issued against the Sole Survivor if you break laws.

You might be minding your own business trying to solve problems in Diamond City or break into the Institute when a gang of hostile bounty hunters appears, and they'll be tailored to your character's weaknesses.

After giving you a good thumping, they'll make off with a portion of your caps, so you better stay on the straight and narrow! The mod also comes with some new voice acting and unique faction equipment.

Enclave Resurgent Mod

After playing such a big role in the breakout Fallout 3, many players were disappointed in how Bethesda's next main entry seemed to forget about these big baddies.

This mod rectifies that oversight, bringing the Enclave to the Commonwealth as a faction that can be joined, adding in new quests and voice-overs, and injecting a bunch of Enclave fluff like a radio station and Enclave-themed gear.

John Henry Eden may be dead, but the Enclave will live on for America!

Children Of Atom Overhaul Mod

Download Here (PC)

These nuclear radiation-worshiping zealots have often felt like they could play a bigger role in the Falloutverse and that the main character should have more opportunity to actually work with them.

This overhaul melds together several mods dealing with the Children Of Atom, adding in new settlements that recruit Children as settlers and including some glowing power armor for a proper radiation feel.

Faction Settlement Mod

This is such a simple modification, but it can completely change the feel of the game if you find the Sole Survivor strongly allying with one of the big factions.

The mod gives you a faction flag, which you can plant at any given settlement. Once there, the settlement will begin recruiting members of that faction as new settlers instead of getting random civilians. Now your towns and cities can be filled to the brim with the Brotherhood of Steel or Railroad members!

What did you think of these 10 Fallout 4 faction mods, and what mods would you recommend we try out that tweak the faction systems? Let us know in the comments below!

There are tens of thousands more mods out there, ready and waiting to spice up your game. Whether you want to turn Fallout into a zombie-themed horror game, add in loads of new radio stations, or even increase the graphics beyond their ultra capabilities, there are countless other mods out there to make this post-apocalyptic wasteland exactly the experience you crave.

Here's some more of the best you should be trying out: