8 Most Bizarre Fallout 4 Mods for PS4 & Xbox One

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There's already an abundance of oddities to be found across the wasteland, like the seemingly murderous lawn gnomes scattered across Far Harbor. Add in modding, and Fallout 4 can become a downright ludicrous place.

As usual, console players get the shaft on the modding front, with some restrictions in what's available on Xbox One due to size, content rules, and severe restrictions in what's available for PS4 due to the lack of outside assets.

This means you won't get anything like the hilariously absurd Thomas The Tank Engine mod, for instance, or the freaky fetish mods -- but there's still a whole lot of weirdness to be found on consoles if you take the time to look. Here we're rounding up the 8 weirdest, wackiest, most bizarre mods currently available on console.

Published May. 19th 2017

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