Top 20 Minecraft Seeds for Minecraft 1.9 (September 2015)

Need new Minecraft seeds? Look no further.

Need new Minecraft seeds? Look no further.
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Minecraft 1.9 is not officially released yet, but we all have the chance to try out a few of the latest snapshots before the full thing comes out. The community is already actively seeking new spots to spawn in and explore. Some amazing fresh seeds have been discovered and here is the selection for September 2015 of the top 20 seeds for Minecraft 1.9.

Seed: -5999878781112
Coordinates: X: 168 Y: 74 Z: 323
Biome: Extreme Hills

Spawn near a huge mountain with snowy caps and waterfalls. It’s a pretty long mountain with a lot to discover. For example, you can find a lot of black and white sheep roaming around that could make up for a pretty comfortable bed. It’s always a great idea to build a home for yourself on the highest spot with a beautiful view on the rocky hills.

Seed: 1522352187
Coordinates: X: -188 Y: 91 Z: -87
Biome: Savanna Plateau

Spawn near the most beautiful savanna inhabited by horses, pigs, sheep and many other animals. In the caverns and caves around you can find coal, which can be used to produce torches for protection. You will also easily find a small village nearby. It’s a perfect place for training your survival skills and at the same time enjoying the beauty of the nature.

Seed: 1461928132
Coordinates: X: 249 Y: 74 Z: 225
Biome: Flower Forest, Mesa

Spawn near the Bryce Canyon, which combines both dry and wet green terrains. And, it’s quite a view here! Mesa is a complex biome consisting mainly of hardened clay, red stained clay and dead bushes, which makes it a great place for getting plenty of colorful blocks for decorative purposes. The strength of these blocks is higher than ordinary clay blocks. They can also be obtained by firing clay blocks within the furnace.

Seed: 451034678139526299
Coordinates: X: -135 Y: 72 Z: -74
Biome: Savanna

Spawn near another massive savanna with incredibly tall mountains, waterfalls, and even floating islands. Walk around this massively huge map and you will stumble upon a colossal archway that will take your breath away. Savanna is also the only biome where you can find acacia. If you look further you’ll find some horses and pumpkins growing around.

Seed: 3964855089822050666
Coordinates: X: 195 Y: 82 Z: 153
Biome: Taiga

Spawn in the middle of the rarest taiga biome in Minecraft – the redwood taiga. Typically this biome is covered with lots of pine trees and blue-gray grass, but this time you’ll get to encounter the whole forest made of redwood, with occasional giant mushrooms and common ferns. But don’t lose your mindfulness as now wolves appear more often than in the previous versions of the game.

Seed: -1154343752
Coordinates: X: -5 Y: 80 Z: 47
Biome: Roofed Forest

Spawn in the roofed forest most of which is occupied by dark oak trees with wide trunks and large crowns. Right next to it there’s a huge area with giant mushrooms. The density of the tree leaves manages to cover the whole surface of the forest, which keeps it in the constant darkness. This is a great opportunity for aggressive mobs to spawn - the mushroom area is your only hope.

Seed: -7492801512473941435
Coordinates: X: -60 Y: 72 Z: 314
Biome: Birch Forest Hills

Spawn next to a mountain with a few caves in it – perfectly suited for building houses. There’s a deep ravine nearby with a lot to explore. If you keep circling the beach around this beautiful terrain you will find a dungeon. The beaches are very well shaped and fit for setting up a dock. Across the ocean in the eastern direction you will find a temple.

Seed: -8030671823888540589
Coordinates: X: 295 Y: 78 Z: 15
Biome: Extreme Hills

Spawn near a vast plateau surrounded by hills, which make up for an attractive world with some villages around, multitudes of horses, and a couple of desert temples. Just right past one of the villages at X: 20 Y: 64 Z: -190 you will stumble upon a thick jungle forest full of ocelots and a hidden temple. At X: 563 Y: 63 Z: 891 an abandoned mine shaft can be found and used for your benefit and a stronghold at X: 739 Y: 28 Z: 357.

Seed: -6625060157779326735
Coordinates: X: -31 Y: 80 Z: 103
Biome: Jungle Edge

Spawn in the middle of another rare site to be found in Minecraft 1.9 – the Jungle Edge. It is mostly covered with tropical trees and enormous baobabs. They’re covered with dangling leaves and vines, as opposed to other biomes. Some of the highest points of the hills can be achieved only by using the generated structures. Also, this area is safe from mob attacks – they simply can’t spawn in this thick wilderness.

Seed: 2547275580632732739
Coordinates: X: 60 Y: 64 Z: 26
Biome: Desert

Spawn next to a tiny desert temple, but with another 4 temples and 4 villages around in the close vicinity. Not a bad deal!

Seed: -846259566
Coordinates: X: 15 Y: 105 Z: 293
Biome: Extreme Hills, Desert

Spawn on top of the mountain with the view on a massive hill. To the Far North from the spawn location at X: 430 Y: 110 Z: -480 you will arrive at a desert location with a temple and another mountain to behold. This whole area is quite amazing and time spent here will be well worth it.

Seed: 4669207923218821607
Coordinates: X: -84 Y: 89 Z: -66
Biome: Beach, Savanna

Spawn near two islands – one bigger than the other. Both of these islands have beautiful beaches and lush savannas to explore. The smaller of the two islands is no less interesting and has a few great spots for XP farming.

Seed: 4373513889886372975
Coordinates: X: -250 Y: 92 Z: 592
Biome: Mushroom Island Shore

Spawn at the base of the mushroom biome surrounded by a few really small islands. This is an excellent spot for a survival type of game. Also, this is the only type of biome (excluding the Dark Forest), where there are huge mushrooms, and where mushrooms grow in daylight. This natural landscape is unfortunately suitable for breeding cows only. This rule applies to the caves under, as well.

Seed: 2463335533919779154
Coordinates: X: -258 Y: 51 Z: 280
Biome: Deep Ocean

Spawn at the base of the underwater temple. Right next to it on the surface there’s a tiny island. The temple is worth exploring for all the great items, for example, an ink sack. However, you will need something to see better underwater. Things like torches apparently don’t work, so make sure before you go here to have jack-o-lanterns and glowstone blocks.

Seed: -8201018964617941004
Coordinates: X: 323 Y: 74 Z: 30
Biome: Plains

If you’re simply looking for a village in a quiet isolated place, then this is a perfect seed for you. There’s not much to see here other than that, but it would be a great place to start your journey in Minecraft.

Seed: -2189933023645178914
Coordinates: X: 10 Y: 74 Z: 238
Biome: Savanna Plateau M

Spawn near the village at the plains, if that’s your thing. But, if you want something more exciting, well then, this Minecraft seed had an incredible Savanna Plateau M at X: -96 Y: 100 Z: 28. It’s super tall and if you manage to get to the very top you’ll be rewarded with the most fascinating view.

Seed: 8858351513851407858
Coordinates: X: 269 Y: 112 Z: 132
Biome: Plains

Spawn at another massive arch mountain formation with waterfalls and pits. If you manage to get to the arch itself, you’ll see a few internal waterfalls surrounding the area, making it a fine place for a settlement.

Seed: -312974707488573956
Coordinates: X: 14 Y: 71 Z: 90
Biome: Savanna M

Spawn at an incredible savanna area with absolutely mind-blowing mountains around two villages – that’s all you need. But even if that’s not enough, get to the desert plains nearby with temples and another village filled with NPCs.

Coordinates: X: -418 Y: 75 Z: 49
Biome: Ice Plains

Spawn in the middle of an icy terrain with multitudes of spikes and rocky formations – everything’s looking very chilly and fresh. It’s completely snow barren with almost no trees. The surface of rivers and lakes in this biome consists of ice and it's snowing quite often. So, if you’re tired of tropical climate hop in here.

Seed: -8976983199576471648
Coordinates: X: -495 Y: 69 Z: 122
Biome: Desert Plains

Finally, take a rest in the village with blacksmith and all the resources you need for prosperous life. If you still feel unsatisfied – go to the blacksmith’s and find three diamonds there waiting for you. Have fun!

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All these Minecraft seeds have been tried and tested on both 1.8 and 1.9 (15w36d) versions. We will keep looking for more exciting seeds, so don't forget to come back here and check our next top 20 for October 2015. As for now, leave your impressions in the comments section below and let us know which spot turned out to be your favorite.

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