Zombies, skeletons, and pumpkins, oh my! These seeds and map downloads offer up a spooky, scary experience perfect for playing Minecraft through Halloween!

Top 8 Scary Minecraft Seeds and Horror Maps

Zombies, skeletons, and pumpkins, oh my! These seeds and map downloads offer up a spooky, scary experience perfect for playing Minecraft through Halloween!
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Finding scary Minecraft seeds is harder than it sounds.

While there are plenty of breathless headlines about how you shouldn't use this "ultra-scary cursed" seed if you want to keep your pants unsoiled, the sad fact of the matter is that most of the "scary" and "spooky" seeds out there are clickbait garbage. 

It's a good bet if you're reading a description of some ancient Japanese horror folklore that's invaded a Minecraft seed, what you've got is more Creepy Pasta and less actual working seed.

In most cases, in order to get something scary, you want to look for seeds that have a zombie or skeleton spawner very close to the initial spawn point, or instead be on the hunt for seeds that give you great Halloween color themes with their biomes.

Otherwise, the only way to get an actually spooky Minecraft experience is to download a custom made map, as straight seeds aren't going to generate the scare factor you're seeking.

As always, a special thanks goes out to Minecraft Reddit fanatics and forum junkies who originally mined for these seeds. Be sure to keep in mind that not every seed will offer the same results with every version of the game!

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Minecraft Seed: 6897005041604436933

  • Version: Java 1.14.4

This seed's starter village has an open zombie spawner located inside the village, so be prepared for some serious Resident Evil action as soon as you show up!

If you don't act quickly, this will become a zombie village in no time flat. Of course, that might be what you're going for, especially if you want to farm zombies for any reason.

Minecraft Seed: -6346922995396016419

  • Version: Java 1.14

Rather than zombies, this seed plops a skeleton spawner in the mountainside directly next to a village. If you want a proper undead rampage, this is the seed to pick.

Just head over to coordinates -866, -200 to get started. If you don't see the spawner right away, try digging a bit into the mountain next to the buildings.

Minecraft Seed: -424359071 

  • Version: Bedrock

We've covered zombies and skeletons, so you knew a spider spawner had to be coming next, right? Getting there is a bit of a trek, though, as you've got to find a ravine, travel down to a stronghold, and then enter a mineshaft to find the spawner at -678, 31, -266.

Not interested in all that underground travel? This seed also features a pillager outpost if you prefer to deal with human enemies instead. 

Minecraft Seed: 206889990

  • Version: Java 1.14

Fiery, hellish nether fortresses are already pretty spooky places by Minecraft standards, and this seed has two of them directly next to each other. Yep, it's a double nether fortress seed!

If you want to try your luck at finding blazes and wither skeletons head to coordinates 300, 300.


Minecraft Seed: 1004965171

  • Version: Bedrock

There's something about secluded, cold locations that ramp up the dread factor, and that's what you get here with a skeleton dungeon located high up on a snowy mountain.

Want to go mad traversing the dark, undead-filled tunnels? Head to coordinates 226, 95, 92 for the skeleton dungeon.

Minecraft Map: Hello Neighbor

Yep, this nifty map is designed around the concept of indie reverse home invasion phenomenon Hello Neighbor! Like the game that inspired it, you'll need to find a way into the neighbor's house, hide in closets to avoid detection, and flip switches to gain access to the basement.

What diabolical secrets are waiting down there? I won't spoil it see if you can find out!

Minecraft Map: Dyemona

Want to play a horror game in celebration of Halloween but just can't quite give up your Minecraft addiction? That's where maps like Dyemona come in, which are essentially self-contained horror stories complete with jump scares and bloody discoveries.

If you dig what Dyemona has to offer and crave even more, there's now a sequel available that continues the story.

Minecraft Map: Dead By Daylightcraft

Your eyes do not deceive you: some mad modder actually recreated the asymmetric horror Dead By Daylight experience in Minecraft! Unlike the other seeds and maps we've covered so far, this one is meant to be played multiplayer with 2-5 players.

Unfortunately, getting it up and running for five people can be finicky, since you all need to have the same map and texture packs downloaded  but the end result is well worth the effort for horror fans!

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