Top 8 Minecraft Seeds with All Biomes In Close Proximity

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Seeds with a dominant major biome or with a specific landmass type are a dime a dozen in Minecraft, but finding seeds with every last biome all together are a lot harder to come across.

Each of these eight seeds features all of the game's biomes, and typically within a short distance from the spawn point (although you may be in a for a bit of a hike with a few of them).

In most cases, with these seeds, you can always find one of each biome variety with 2,000-3,000 blocks of your starting point.

Note that not all seeds will work with all Minecraft versions and platforms (in particular, seeds found in Bedrock editions may not yield the same results in the Java edition). The specific version used to verify the seed is listed in each slide. Even if you don't have that version, its still worth giving it a try, however, as you may get something similar.

Before we get started, a special shout out deserves to go to the redditors, Planet Minecraft and Mine Atlas folks, and various dedicated seed searchers who originally located these seeds!

Seed: -5541185355023925660

  • Version: 1.13 Java

This one has a bit less water than some of the other maps, but it more than makes up for it in a wide variety of land mass types. Be ready for a long jog and a swim though. You'll likely spawn on some vertical extreme hills near the center of the map on a small island.

The only biome lacking here is ice plain spikes, although there are cold tundra spots so you don't lose out on that side of the equation entirely. If you trek all the way to the northwest edge of the map, you can also find a large coral reef!

Seed: 1342300981

  • Version: Bedrock Better Together Update

There are tons of badlands area in this map, although the rest of the biomes are also hiding out if you don't mind traveling a bit.

The real reason to pick this option over any of the other all-biome seeds is that you spawn right by a desert village, with a woodland mansion and an ocean monument in close proximity. Be sure to also check out these landmarks:

  • Underwater ruins: 988, 46, 245
  • Coral reef: 1033, 50, 776
  • Desert temple: -407, 74, -902
  • Blaze spawner: 120, 77, 20

Seed: 915293094237492

  • Version: 1.14 Java

You'll spawn in thick jungle with this one and pop up close to nearly every biome type in each cardinaral direction. While there's plenty of deep sea stuff to explore to the west and northeast, keep an eye out for these particularly interesting land locations:

  • Jungle village: 1850, -1400
  • Shipwreck partially on the beach: -145, 900 
  • Stronghold beneath a ravine: 1947, -815

Seed: 681766937004248

  • Version: 1.8 Java

Want to grab an iron pickaxe right away? This seed pops you onto a mesa plateau right by mine shafts with quick access for several chests to loot.

Several ocean monuments are close to the spawn point (marked by the blue indicators in the map above), which is helpful if you need prismarine for using the Heart Of The Sea.

If you don't feel like going for an immediate dive, there are deserts, savanna, jungle, taiga, and beach biomes all within a very close distance. 


Seed: 981506332

  • Version: Windows 10 Better Together Update

This one's a nice easy seed with fairly quick access to chests, villages, blacksmiths, and temples without having to trek too far.

You'll spawn very close to frozen ocean, mesa, birch forest, desert, and snowy taiga biomes. Here are some of the major highlights to search for after leaving the spawn point:

  • Shipwreck: 515, 45, -451
  • Podzol blocks: 2847, 78, 620
  • Pumpkin patch: -229, 65, -56

Seed: 306959825

  • Version: 1.14 Java (also works on Bedrock and console versions!)

There's a whole lot to explore in this particular seed spread out across wide open landmasses. From woodland mansions to mushroom areas, there's a bit of everything here. These couple of spots, in particular, are also well worth checking out:

  • Bamboo jungle: 390, -982 
  • Village with a boat: -2746, Z: 1393
  • Pyramid with diamonds and emeralds:  -2693, 1641
  • Coral reef: -1924, 1493

Seed: 2583372187968070576

  • Version: 1.14 Java

If you want it all in one location, this is a great seed to get started. 0,0 puts you in a nice calm forest biome near a village, but there are plenty of dungeons, mineshafts, and underground loot to be found if you do a little exploring.

That little pink blip at the top is a mushroom covered island, and some great spawners can also be found without much effort. Head to these locations to find them:

  • Zombie Spawner: 264, 46,350
  • Skeleton Spawner: 250, 54, 232

 Seed: -478563080

  • Version: Bedrock 1.12 

There are plenty of forest and swamp areas in this seed to explore, but the real selling point is the dungeon with a spider spawner and two chests underground very close to the spawn point!

Aside from that nifty little starting gift, here are a few specific locations to search out while exploring all the different biome types:

  • Pillager outpost:  1445, 70, -2127
  • Swamp witch hut: 291, 66, 193
  • Ocean monument:  -969, 61, -887
Published Aug. 26th 2019

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