Because size doesn't always matter, here's a quick look at some great games you can play in a couple hours.

Top Five Games You Can Beat in an Afternoon

Because size doesn't always matter, here's a quick look at some great games you can play in a couple hours.

A lot of the time, the choice of what game to buy is based on a title's longevity. But sometimes you just want something you can blow through on the weekend.  Some great experimental games are just a couple of hours long, and they can be a fun change of pace from hundred hour RPGs.  Here's a look at a few short, fun games you can play in just an afternoon.

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Her Story 

If you're the kind of person to ask "Is this a game?" then Her Story, a 2015 game about searching through a police database for video clips, might not be for you.  But if you're someone who likes a good story told in a very different way, than Her Story is a dark mystery about a man who goes missing, told by a women who's definitely hiding something.  After playing this game more than a month ago, I'm still not one hundred percent sure all of the answers I got were correct.  Her Story can easily be beaten in under two hours, and is available on Steam.

The Beginner's Guide

Made by the developer of the critically acclaimed The Stanley ParableThe Beginner's Guide is a smaller, more personal story about the relationship between two game developers.  While it's impossible to talk about the game much without spoiling anything, in part because it's only an hour and a half long, The Beginner's Guide takes the player through an assortment of short, unfinished games, narrated by a developer trying to convince his friend to start making games again.  It's a must play for anyone interested in the creative process behind making video games, and you can pick it up on Steam.

Pony Island

Pony Island, as the trailer states, is not a game about ponies.  Instead, it's a game where you are trapped in hell by the devil himself, forced to play a poorly made arcade game.  While it's got a few rough edges, Pony Island mixes up some fun arcade games with a lot of hidden extras, killer boss battles, and more fourth wall breaks than a Deadpool comic.  It won't take you very long to beat, and it's available on Steam.


If you haven't gotten around to playing this classic, then it's really time you fixed that.  An amazing puzzle game with great level design and one of gaming's most iconic villains, Portal is an absolute must play.  Its sequel benefited from a bigger budget and a wider cast of characters, but the first still holds up no matter how brief it is.  Portal is still available as part of the Orange Box collection on Steam, and considering that you'll get four more PC classics with it, there's no reason not to try out Portal.


Easily the shortest game on this list, you could download and finish Morai in less than the amount of time it takes to make a cup of tea.  That said, there's a twist to this game that makes it stand out, and considering that the game is available for free on Steam, there's no reason not to play it.  

If you like a game that really makes you think, than Morai will give you plenty to mull over long after its five minutes are up.

What are your favorite short games?  Let us know in the comments!

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