11 games are presented for your multiplayer pleasure, offering online or local co-op and even massive 32 vs. 32 battles to consume your time throughout 2016!

Top Xbox One multiplayer games for 2016

11 games are presented for your multiplayer pleasure, offering online or local co-op and even massive 32 vs. 32 battles to consume your time throughout 2016!
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Current gen consoles have really taken the concept of multiplayer to a whole new level, catapulting gaming from a single player experience to a community of fans who play together and show off their skill straight from the console dashboard.

Many games are increasingly mixing in multiplayer elements with single player campaigns, like the Vendetta missions in Shadow Of Mordor or how you can take on enemies that killed other players in Nioh.

For the pure mutliplayer though, there's plenty of games worth checking out this year that can suck up hundreds of hours if you give them a chance, and it's interesting how many of them aren't first person shooters. Here we're going to look at 11 different games that feature absolutely rocking multiplayer on the Xbox One.

Some have fared better post-launch than others however, like the perhaps ill-fated Evolve. The 4v1 concept of hunters versus monster was a great idea that caused a lot of buzz, but unfortunately hasn't been warmly received since its initial release. Don't fret if you liked the concept though – that style is poised to appear in several more upcoming games, like the 7v1 of the upcoming slasher/teen victim titles coming soon.

Before getting into the actual list, there's something that's perhaps a little sad and in need of addressing: quite a few of these game haven't actually released in 2016, as unfortunately we haven't reached those huge catalogs from the previous gen yet and both Sony and Microsoft are still playing catch up.

Note that these aren't all Xbox One exclusive multiplayer titles (frankly there aren't enough of them to make a worthwhile list), but rather simply games you can play with friends on the Xbox One.

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Dark Souls III

Whoever thought the insane difficulty of the Souls series would make for good old multiplayer fun?

There's way more to this than the typical death matches though, with bloodstains letting you relive the final moments of other poor players who met their ends (learn from their mistakes!) as well as the ability to join another player's game for co-operative battle.

Of course, if you're the kind of person who doesn't play well with others, you can always invade another game universe and cause some problems. There's also straight-up PvP duels so you can test your mettle against someone who has probably has taken the “git gud” adage to heart better than you have. Want to get started? Check out our guide here.

Halo 5: Guardians

It wouldn't be a Microsoft console cycle without a new Halo arriving to dominate the multiplayer arena and get everybody all nostalgic for yesteryear.

While I don't think the single player story particularly blew anyone away, there's no question the frantic, pure shooter action of Slayer mode is still as good a time now as it was years ago.

Huck grenades, fire wildly, and melee frantically up close to your heart's content! Or, you know, actually try out some Halo 5 strategies (not my style, but I'll forgive if you if you want to take arena death matches seriously).

Battlefield 4

It's weird to think about, but somehow Battlefield 4 has been out for three years already! Despite the length of time, this is still pretty well king when it comes to large-scale military battles on console.

The huge 32v32 matches are just a blast, especially if you've got a team that's cooperating and remaining in communication. And if you just happen to be lucky enough to run across StoneMountain in a match, consider yourself very, very lucky indeed (check out the video below for the hilarity).


We've been waiting a looooooong time for this one, and it was frankly starting to feel a bit like Duke Nuke 'Em Forever up in here, but finally Doom has arrived!

If you long for those heady days of the utlra-fast paced battles and twitchy combat, this is the title you need to be picking up immediately. It's not just same-old, same-old though, as SnapMap absolutely explodes the possibilities with player-made levels.


Although there are hiccups here and there, you can pretty well always count on Blizzard to provide a very satisfying multiplayer experience.

From the stellar matchmaking of Starcraft 2 to the meticulously thought-out balance of cards on Hearthstone, Blizzard usually hits that right balance between challenge and fun to keep people playing.

That's no different with the much-hyped FPS / MOBA hybrid that is Overwatch (and don't forget about Gearbox's little brother entry Battleborn, which is already heavily discounted to try to thwart Overwatch's massive success).

Tons of character types to choose from, fast-paced shooter action, and a total lack of tolerance for cheaters make this one of the most entertaining multiplayer entries to try out in 2016 and beyond. Team Fortress 2 lovers in particular need to check this one out post-haste.

Rocket League

Somehow a title that is not at all about shooting enemy soldiers in the head, chainsawing locust, or blowing stuff up as a giant robot has become a mutliplayer powerhouse across the entire gaming landscape.

It's a sports game, but you don't have to like sports games at all to get into Rocket League, which really bridges the gap between genres. If you've done every single FPS, MOBA, and CCG out there, then its time to give this one a shot to see how cars, soccer, and explosions can really be a match made in heaven.


So yes, its a much different experience than fans might have hoped for, having to earn experience to unlock grenades is an odd design choice, and the DLC setup was less than ideal, but there's still plenty of fun to be had in these massive sci-fi battles.

Working together to take down overpowering AT-ATs, jetpacking around the battlefield, facing off against waves of enemies: there's just tons to do here if you need a multiplayer fix and already have your tent pitched for the Rogue One ticket line.

Sunset Overdrive

Free through Games With Gold not too long ago, this is a very different kind of game where you must always, always be on the move. Standing still is death in Sunset Overdrive, so don't do it!

Somehow action platforming collided with shooting and skateboarding for a truly wild ride in which nearly anything can happen. When you're done with all the typical shooters, get ready for some zany fun with Sunset Overdrive as you mow down hordes of mutant zombie demon creatures created by an evil energy drink.

Diablo III

Arriving back in 2012 (how the gaming time flies!) but only hitting Xbox One properly two years back, this is still the gold standard for action RPG goodness with a friend by your side and a six pack of Mountain Dew in your mini-fridge.

If you haven't played this one already I honestly don't know what to say, and if you have played it to absolute death, isn't it about time to load it up again and try a higher difficulty level?

Divinity: Original Sin

Going a totally different direction than the fast pacing of all the previous games, Divinity: Original Sin's Enhanced Edition for the current gen consoles offers turn-based multiplayer goodness without giving up any of the story elements.

It's really a dream come true, especially if the action-oriented RPGs aren't your speed and you prefer to plan out tactics and agonize over dialog choices before proceeding further into a fantasy game.

Rayman Legends

This one's for the split-screen fans who want to do “multiplayer” with just some buddies or family on the couch.

Rayman is pure, straight-up fun without all the gore, and is an excellent choice for parents and kids or siblings to have a good time on the Xbox One.

Coming Soon

While these are the best multiplayer titles currently available, there's a storm of new Xbox One games due to arrive by year's end that will completely change the online landscape.

Gears Of War 4 is going to utterly dominate my life, and I suspect the lives of many others who spent an inordinate amount of time conquering all 50 waves of horde mode in Gears 3.

Of course the massively-anticipated Battlefield 1 is also inching closer to release, taking us back in time to World War I before all the jet packs and robot hacking abilities that have taken over the FPS genre lately.

What multiplayer Xbox One games would you recommend, and what's coming out this year you can't wait to play?

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