Here are some of the weird communities on twitch that aren't gaming.

Weird Twitch Communities That Have Nothing to Do with Gaming

Here are some of the weird communities on twitch that aren't gaming.
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By now if you've been on the internet, you've heard of It is one of the most popular websites when it comes to streaming content live. Most people probably just think of Twitch as the place to view gaming content as much of the content on Twitch is gaming focused.

However, Twitch has more than just gaming on it.

Twitch used to have a strict focus on gaming content but as the website grew and demand changed, Twitch started to allow other types of content and communities on their website.

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Social Eating

There are many strange niches that exist out there in the world and social eating is probably one of them. For some reason there is a market to watch people eat live on camera. There isn't some other sort of meaning to the act, there's nothing sexual about it.

There just seems to be a market for it.

People want to watch other people eat food.


Cosplay is definitely something that is a part of the videogaming community but it is not technically gaming. In the cosplay community on twitch you can watch people plan out and create their costumes. Certain streamers might do certain things but a good majority of the content is just people building costumes live on camera.

If you want to see the process of cosplay construction live, you should probably take a look at this community.


Anime is fun, cool and weird as is the anime community on Twitch. Many gamers are avid fans of anime, so of course there is probably some sort of demand here for some sort of anime content on twitch.

The anime community on Twitch seems to be dedicated to anime content, specifically art related anime content. Many of the streams in that community are about artists drawing anime related art and talking about anime.


The music community on Twitch is composed of a wide variety of streamers. There are people who just stream certain types of music. There are people who play live instruments for a live audience to hear. There are DJs who show off their talent and their skill. 

There are many types of streamers in the Twitch music community, from small  unknown artists to people like deadmau5, there's something for everyone.


The art community bleeds into various other communities on Twitch. From cross-stitching, to drawing to sculpting, the art community has a wide reach on Twitch but no community is as strange as the painting community. 

Back when Twitch first introduced the Twitch Creative section on their website, something strange happened. There was a marathon of Bob Ross's syndicated show, The Joy of Painting. Every single one of the 403 episodes was aired back to back for 8.5 days. Viewers showed up in the chat and showed that there was an audience for communities besides gaming.

This was where it really began for all of these weird communities.

If you're still looking for painting content or maybe just some Bob Ross, you can find something in the painting community.


Many people have many different interests. Sometimes you can find your interest on other streaming websites but maybe you can find it on Twitch.

If there's a demand for it, people will make it.

Did we cover your favorite community? Did we miss your favorite community? 

Please let us know in the comments section below.

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