Direct Match Included in New Update for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Mobile fighter Power Rangers: Legacy Wars just released a brand new update, adding new warriors, arenas, and more.

New to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, players, friends, and guild members can now duke it out for supremacy in the mobile arena.

In an update released May 11 for the hack n' slash, fighter hybrid for mobile devices, players of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars can now access the much-requested Direct Match feature, which allows for direct combat between friends with the use of a shared code. This includes Alliance, Direct, and friendly matches. 

However, this isn't the only addition to the game, as a number of new warriors and a new arena have also been added, as well as a few tweaks and fixes. The primary additions to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars outside of the new Direct Match feature include:

• Three new warriors, including the White Ranger from Dino Thunder, Mesogog, and the Purple Ranger. 

• The Mesogog island arena.

• Game balancing fixes and bug fixes, including combat tweaks, general fixes, network stability improvements, XP improvements, and more.

Check here for the full Power Rangers: Legacy Wars patch notes

Several other warrior additions are also planned for release on May 23, with more details provided at a later date.

If you want to brush up on your Power Rangers: Legacy Wars skills, then you may also want to check out the GameSkinny strategy start-up page.


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Published May. 12th 2017

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