Atlus USA to Localized Dungeon Travelers 2

Atlus USA is to release another dungeon crawler this summer - this time with a harem of fighting women.

It seems that Atlus USA is busy with all the games it's localizing for this summer.

The company revealed yesterday that it will be releasing AQUAPLUS' sequel to 2011's ToHeart2 Dungeon TravelersDungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library and the Monster Seal. Though the game does have the number 2 in its title, it's apparently a stand-alone game and story.

In the kingdom of Romulea, monsters are appearing out of nowhere and have started an uprising against humanity. The game follows the journey of an adventurer from the Royal Library, Fried, sent to stop a recent monster uprising. Throughout his journey, Fried rescues, defeats, or bumps into 16 unique girls who join his fight against the monsters of Romulea.

As a first person dungeon crawler, Dungeon Travelers 2 features turn-based combat, character specialization with more than 30 different subclasses, character development and relationships between Fried and the 16 girls, and a number of battles with regular monsters as well as mutant girls who hold the keys to sealing away the monster pandemic.

In Japan, Dungeon Travelers 2 was originally released on the PlayStation Portable; the game was later ported to the PlayStation Vita in 2014. The game will be released on the PS Vita during the summer for North America. Both the physical and digital copies are priced at $39.99.

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Published Apr. 15th 2015

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