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Inspired by the challenge and intensity of classic arcade shooters, Robotanika is a turret shooter in which YOU are the turret. With a seemingly endless army of rampaging Robits out to overrun your world, it will take precision timing, accuracy and the mastery of five powerful weapons just to survive.

“But the battle ahead won’t be easy; the stakes, intensity and enemy numbers escalate quickly, and don’t let up until you’re dead. If you’ve got an itchy trigger finger and a taste for tactical action then Sharpen your Skills, Find your Flow, and prepare to send those Robits back to the scrap heap!

“Key Features:

– 100 challenging waves of explosive action
– 18 vicious Robit units, each with unique and complex AI-driven behaviors
– Extensive upgrade options and multiple paths to mastery based on player style
– Visually innovative world that evolves over the course of the game
– Dynamic soundtrack that shifts with the flow of battle”

More info about the game: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/robotanika/id540625246?mt=8

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