[OPEN] The Curse of Nordic Cove

The Curse of Nordic Cove code available for PC.
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From Level Studios with the help of BeefJack comes The Curse of Nordic Cove, a FPS PC game.

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The pitch: a comedy-horror game where the game mechanics change throughout. It’s a first-person shooter, a golf simulator, a driving game, a puzzler, a dungeon-crawler and a stealth-’em-up – all rolled into one. Beer gives you health, rats give you points, and chickens can be sacrificed for protection. Clearly very sensible.

The indie devs behind it, On The Level Game Studios, have really pulled out all the stops to create something quite bizarre: a game that throws away the rulebook and prioritises sheer insanity over and above super-polished graphics or deep emotional storytelling.

Comment below and I’ll hook you up with a code.

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