The second one was better! 10 video game sequels better than the originals

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Bioshock 2

Wait, what? Am I crazy? (Yes.) Have I lost my mind? (Most assuredly). Don’t run away! Hear me out on this one.

Yes, Bioshock is a landmark game and by all means a classic which showed what narratives in gaming could accomplish. However, the gameplay and design had some issues. Bioshock 2 added some welcome improvements over its predecessor. The silly pipe matching minigame you had to do when hacking? Gone and replaced with a real-time mechanic that made sense! Dual wielding plasmids and weapons? You betcha! More weapons? Why not?

Sure, the game was not perfect. The role of the Big Daddy could have been fleshed out more, and there were obvious content cuts for whatever reason: it is still a remarkable game. The multiplayer is not too shabby either! It’s high time we looked back on this game and gave it a fair shake. 

Published May. 19th 2015

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