The second one was better! 10 video game sequels better than the originals

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Again, I am cheating here, but Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising was more of a map pack than a true sequel; not so with Dual Strike. By releasing on the then-new Nintendo DS, Dual Strike was able to utilize two screens and advanced hardware for the series. Boy did it!

The addition of a second screen allowed players to absorb tactical info on the fly without having to open any menus. The battles were also massive, with most stretching far beyond your screen. The addition of a tag team mechanic with your commanders (who had powerful abilities that change the tide of battle) allowed for tactics to change on the fly. The addition of multiplayer and some other modes ensured pocket generals had many reasons to return to glorious turn-based warfare. 

Published May. 19th 2015

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