Holy Headcrabs! Valve Registers Half-Life 3 in Europe!

New EU trademark application pretty much confirms the existence of Half-Life 3

The day is fast approaching! All of us have been waiting for any sign that Gordon Freeman's next adventure was being worked on by Valve. We have been speculating for well over six years if Valve was even considering a sequel to one of last decade's best games. Today, we have finally been given a sign that yes, Valve is indeed working on Half-Life 3!

According to data obtained from The Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union, Valve has officially registered Half-Life 3 in the EU. For those who are interested, the description of the classification reads as follows:

Computer game software; Electronic game software; Downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices; Video game software.
Provision of on-line entertainment; provision of computer and video games and computer and video game programmes from a computer database or via the Internet.

This pretty much confirms that Valve is actively working on the title since it has gone through the trouble of trademarking the game. However, this does not mean we will be finding out what happened to Gordon and Alyx anytime soon. There still hasn't been any official statement from Valve on whether the game will be coming out within the next year, but this new registration gives us a lot of hope!

Are you excited for the possibility of Half-Life 3 or are you tired of waiting? Comment below!

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Published Oct. 2nd 2013
  • Christian Laursen
    Check this out: http://store.stearnpowered.com/app/246720/

    HL3 on the steam store? Coming fall 2013?!
  • GameSkinny Staff
    I wouldn't say this means the game is actively being worked on now, but definitely means that Valve is finally at least considering to develop it. I'll believe it when I see it. :P

    Also keep in mind that Valve knows more about this industry than most - I'd predict that this, along with the 3 announcements last week, and likely a few more ambiguous announcements down the line, are all part of the SteamBox/OS marketing campaign. Valve is getting their name back on the scene in a major way to compete with the Xbox One and PS4; they probably have no qualms about leading us on with dreams of Half Life 3. They know their market.
  • Corey Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    Yeah they know the market better than most. I think it would be a smart move to say it would be a SteamOS exclusive. That way, people get the game they want, but also Valve could get people to try out the new OS.
  • Matt Allensy
    They could be just registering so now one else cashes in on the name Half-Life.

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