Could Sony Gaming Head to Mobile?

Could the axing of Sony's computer division result in an increased focus on mobile gaming?

Sony has today announced that its computing division, Vaio, will be sold in order to focus on other divisions, such as tablets and smartphones, to recuperate substantial projected losses for this year. In the business of making computers since 1982, the Vaio division is blamed for company losses of more than £600 million (almost $1 billion), despite the huge success of Xperia and PlayStation products. 

The Xperia Experience

Sony's computers, especially the Vaio range, have never formed any part of the gaming market, despite some pretty decent builds and specifications. So whilst this is sad news, it's not going to affect gamers whatsoever. with the success of Xperia phones and tablets, and the introduction of PlayStation Mobile, the move to divert resources towards mobile products gives Sony a prime opportunity to increase their presence in mobile gaming.

With games like Puzzle and Dragons and Flappy Bird causing as much buzz with gamers as AAA titles like Grand Theft Auto V, Sony may well be looking to diversify their gaming outreach. As industry opinion is that gaming is becoming more mobile, Sony really have the opportunity to capitalise upon this. It'll be interesting to see what bigger role, if any, gaming on Sony's Xperia products will play in the near future.

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Published Feb. 6th 2014

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