Fill Your Blood Gauge with Vampyr's Combat

Dontnod released new screenshots detailing combat for its new action-RPG Vampyr, which will be out sometime in 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

New combat screenshots of Vampyr have been released by Dontnod Entertainment. Showing off the bloody game play, the screenshots hightlight the main character, Dr. Jonathan Reid, making use of his new vampire powers; as well as more traditional weapons. Vampyr will be released in 2017 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. 

Taking place in 1918's London during the Spanish Flu, Vampyr revolves around Dr. Reid as he hunts for the truth about his affliction. Now a vampire, he will have to face off against mutated humans, vampire hunters, and even his friends on his journey. During combat, Dr. Reid's Blood Gauge fills up allowing him to unleash vampire abilities such as destructive spells.

With a non-linear skill tree,the game allows players to customize Dr. Reid to their play style, whether it is head on assaults or more defensive play. Each skill can be upgraded one of two ways, further allowing a player to fine tune combat skills. Combat can also be affected by choices made out of combat, such as feeding on humans. Paying attention to who to feed from and when to flee will be important in leveling up the character.

Vampyr brings a fresh flavor to vampire games. Will you be investigating Dr. Reid's new affliction when the game releases?



Published Oct. 2nd 2016

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