Terraria - iOS and Android Versions Get Christmas Update

The mobile versions of Terraria get a nifty Christmas update for their holiday-playing pleasure.

Looking to get a little festive with your Terraria on the go? The iOS and Android versions of the game have received their Christmas update, adding a number of seasonal features and delights for players to tinker with this holiday season.

Chopping down trees during this update has a chance to drop an ornament, which players can use to summon Elfa, their pet best friend during the Christmas season. Summoning Elfa opens up another world with multiple pets to bring back home.

Past Elfa and her pet-happy side-world are special mob drops in the form of presents. The contents of these presents are unknown, you will just have to seek them out yourself!

Though this update to the Terraria mobile clients is nice, there has still been little news on when the game-changing 1.2 patch will be making its way to iOS and Android devices. 505's hard work on this Christmas patch are nice, but one has to wonder when the mobile releases will finally be up to speed with their PC counterpart.

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Published Dec. 11th 2013

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