Dexter's Visa: Counter Logic Gaming's Latest Headache

Counter Logic Gaming, one of the oldest League of Legends teams has a pretty unfortunate problem with their newly recruited European Jungler. And no, it's not jetlag.

Following in the steps of fellow League of Legends giant Team Solomid, Counter Logic Gaming decided to fill a void in their team during the off-season with a European replacement. Enter Dexter, the former jungler of Lemondogs.

Free from the media circus that is the current incarnation of Lemondogs (a completely different story), Dexter had plans to come to America and play for CLG. Replacing long time professional Chauster, who played basically every role in the game at some point, it would have been interesting to see how CLG would function with their first fulltime "career" jungler since the departure of Saintvicious nearly 2 years ago.

Unfortunately, "would" is the key word at the moment.

Due to some VISA issues getting into the country, Dexter may miss the first week of the spring edition of the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS), which is basically a "regular" season of sorts. With weekly games and salaries paid by Riot, the LCS spots are obviously heavily contested by pro players. With the arrival of Dexter, CLG was looking to solidify their placement as one of the top teams in America and continue their streak being in the NA LCS.

According to founder, ex-player and now general manager of the team, HotshotGG, he assures that CLG will not feel any negative effects from the VISA debacle. With the NA LCS starting on January 17th, he does acknowledge that there might be a problem getting Dexter on to US soil for Week 1. What does that mean for CLG? Maybe the return of George of the Jungle (Hotshot himself), or possibly Chauster, coming out of retirement for a week--seeing as he is the Jungler that the other 4 members of CLG are most familiar with.

CLG will have Dexter. Dexter wants to play on CLG. This is the official statement from Hotshot and I don't doubt it; there's no drawback to that deal for either team. Look for Dexter to make it to NA LCS by probably week 2 at the latest. Then, CLG will reach their true "potential" for the Spring split of the NA LCS.

Published Jan. 7th 2014

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