Deathloop Stuttering Issues Fix

Having stuttering issues in Deathloop? Follow our quick guide to fix this bug in no time.

Deathloop offers a fantastic gamepay experience, but it also gives players some unwanted stuttering issues that break the immersion effect for many. This guide will help you fix the stuttering issue in Deathloop.

The game may be officially released but it still requires some optimization, and it looks like the problem is hidden inside the game's VoidEngine. Fortunately, there is a working solution that players can use before the developer fixes this bug with an official patch.

How to Fix Stuttering in Deathloop

The stuttering issue is connected to variable framerate and VSync settings. So in order to eliminate this issue you need to cap the framerate and disable the VSync.

Here's how you can do it in the game:

  1. Select "Options" in the main menu
  2. Go to "Visuals" tab
  3. In the "Low Latency" choose "ON"
  4. In "VSync" choose "OFF"
  5. In "FPS Limiter" set "60"

If you're running the game on high-end PC, then you can cap the framerate at 120 FPS.

Deathloop: How to Cap FPS with an nVidia Card

In case you're running the game on an nVidia card you could also do the following:

  1. Go to nVidia Control Panel
  2. Select "Manage 3D Settings" menu
  3. Go to "Global Settings" tab
  4. Select "Max Frame Rate" and set it at "60"

Save and close the nVidia Control Panel and check whether these settings removed the stuttering issue for you.

Deathloop: How to Cap FPS with a AMD Card

If you're running the game on an AMD Radeon graphics card, then follow these steps:

  1. Open AMD Adrenalin application
  2. Go to "Gaming" tab
  3. Select "Global Graphics" menu
  4. Click on "Radeon Chill" feature
  5. Set maximum FPS at 60

Many players have pointed out that it is absolutely necessary to cap framerates in the proprietary software that comes with your graphics card, as the in-game framerate limiter in Deathloop doesn't always do the trick on its own.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks helped you fix the stuttering issues in Deathloop. Also, be sure to read our official Deathloop review right here.


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Published Sep. 16th 2021

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