Tree of Savior developer revives WolfKnights

IMC Games, Tree of Savior developer, revives WolfKnights.

Tree of Savior developer, IMC Games, just added another game to their portfolio of MMORPGs by reviving WolfKnights--a 3D PvP MMORPG featuring MOBA elements. The Korean-based studio paused developement on the game in 2013 in favor of their highly anticipated MMORPG Tree of Savior. The game's official website (in Korean) was revived and the YouTube channel updated with gameplay videos ranging from character creation to class previews. 

Wolf Knight Screen ShotThe game takes place in medieval Europe, and will feature season based gameplay. So what does that mean? Well the game will have limitation on players that can compete at a time. Players can create their character and select a class followed by entering a season solo or in a group. After each season, all character data is wiped allowing for the player to choose a different class each season. 

Wolf Knight Screenshot

The game will feature four regions: the downtown which will act as a social hub where players can craft items and set up shop, District of Outlaws - Eastern Valley is an open-map where players hunt monsters and farm for special items, Holy Battlefield is the PvP battlefield where eigthteen players from three factions battle for control, and lastly there is the mission battlefield where players take on single or multiplayer missions. 

WolfKnight will start closed-beta on August 14, 2015. Cross your fingers for an North American release. 


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Published Aug. 13th 2015

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