New Game Documentary "Pixel Poetry" Release

"Pixel Poetry", a film that explores the creative connection between videogames and artistic culture released as part of's new DRM free movie initiative.

In the growing pool of game documentaries available today, it's difficult to find one that isn't as broad and vague as the modern gaming industry itself. It bodes well in realizing how far we've come, that we now have our own individual stories and unique perspectives on gaming, and we can no longer consider a game's size to be a story in itself.

Pixel Poetry, a documentary film by Richard James Cook, tries to take on one of those unique perspectives. Instead of recounting the origins or the "golden days" of gaming, showing off expansive numbers and record profits, or presenting a polished presentation of how "cool" videogames are, Pixel Poetry takes a look at how games have evolved specifically as a creative and expressive medium. Along with this, the many controversies that have so much to do with that evolution get addressed by several notable personalities within the games industry:

  • Adam Sessler (former G4TV host)
  • Kellee Santiago (TED Talk alum and co-creator of Journey)
  • James Portnow (writer of the game development web series Extra Credits)
  • Warren Spector (30+ year game developer and creator of Deus Ex, System Shock, and many more classic games)

The film released on Aug. 27th as part of's new initiative to offer DRM free movies alongside their already impressive selection of DRM free games.

You can pick up the movie for only $5.99 now here.

You can also get more information about the film and check out the trailer by visiting their official website.

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Published Aug. 30th 2014

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