Samsung Releases Injustice Batman-Themed Phone To Celebrate...Something?

Now you can finally realize your dream of owning a Batphone, marked with the logo of a three-year-old game.

In case you didn't play the Mortal Kombat-style DC Universe fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us when it came out three years ago, Samsung has got you covered with a brand new Galaxy S7 which bares the Dark Knight's insignia, has a few Waynetech style apps, and comes with both the Gear VR headset and the Android OS version of Injustice.

Samsung is introducing its Batman-emblazoned Galazy S7 to China, Russia, America, Korea, and few other limited markets in June, just months after Batman Versus Superman: Dawn Of Justice put a really dour damper on Whatever The Next DC Film Was Going To Be: We're Sorry About Zack Snyder, and some three years after the Android version of Injustice was originally released. The timing really could not be stranger. That said the phone really does look gorgeous and bat-tastic. 

See for yourself: 

And here's an official video of its unboxing:


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Published Jun. 1st 2016

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