Kickstarter's Friday the 13th releases Alpha trailer featuring Mother Pamela

Kickstarter's Friday the 13th title released alpha gameplay footage today, demonstrating several mechanics for Jason and his to-be victims.

Yesterday, Friday the 13th: The Game released a new video demonstrating its asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay. In particular, the video focuses on a character from each team (Jason forming one team, and the counselor as a member of the other team), and how they interact with the environment. The setting of course, takes place in a forested cabin environment much like the original Friday the 13th movie. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Friday the 13th Film Cabin (Left) vs The Game Cabin (Right)

Being an asymmetrical multiplayer experience, the number of team members on each side is different, and their roles change.

One team is Jason himself, playing alone with the goal to kill all of the people in the vicinity. He is equipped with the ability to teleport and detect loud noises and key objects through visual cues on-screen. He also has various methods for killing his victims, such as smashing them against walls or stabbing them with his machete.

As a nod to fans of the film series, the trailer also features the character of Pamela (Jason's mother) as a disembodied voice commenting and commanding Jason to kill, similar to her role in the Friday the 13th films.

The other team is a group of regular people trying to survive, each character representing the typical victims of the horror film genre, such as a cheerleader or a jock. This team has several options for play styles, with the main goal of "don't get killed". They can choose to hide, flee the establishment, or even devise methods to fight Jason, (though the latter is not recommended without great coordination because Jason is a very powerful enemy). The gameplay trailer demonstrated the "Camp Counselor" character, and how he escapes Jason's grasp with a "break free" mechanic, and then runs away to find a hiding place.

For a visual guide on these mechanics, here's the gameplay video:

For those unaware, Friday the 13th: The Game is a Kickstarter-supported horror title based on the titular slasher horror film series, Friday the 13th.

For more details about the upcoming horror game, check out an exclusive interview with Randy Greenback himself here on GameSkinny!


Published Jun. 14th 2016

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