Battlefield 5's Battle Royale Mode Delayed Until Spring

Though Battlefield 5's battle royale mode won't release immediately, the developers share there's plenty to look forward leading up to it.

While DICE was quick to jump on the battle royale train with their next game, Battlefield 5 but they announced this mode would not be coming out on when the game launches. This information was broken down in a recent blog created by the developers, where they also share what players can look forward to with the game's future post-launch.

The developers break it down with a clean little graphic breaking down their additions to Battlefield 5 into months, which you can take a look at above and view here at a larger scale.

Each of these new months is considered a chapter, and every new chapter comes with new additions to the fights such like fortifications and reinforcements, new maps, regular bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and new game modes, with the battle royale mode set to release in March.

As of right now, DICE have only teased the first three chapters. The end of the blog post hints at more to come in the future, but we'll have to learn more once we get through the first few. 

Excited about Battlefield 5? There's still time to pre-order the game before it launches on November 9. You can reserve your copy for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC here.

Stay close to GameSkinny as we learn more, and wait to hear what we think about Battlefield 5 in our review.

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Published Oct. 25th 2018

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