Explore Argonian Dungeons with ESO's "Shadows of the Hist"

The rundown on the new Shadow of the Hist DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online, plus what's changed in update 11.

In update 11 of the Elder Scrolls Online came the PC release of "Shadows of the Hist", the Argonian-centered DLC. Featuring a plethora of new achievements, two new dungeons, new mounts, and loads of fun, Shadows of the Hist hits consoles on August 16th.

The largest new content comes from the two new dungeons, Cradle of Shadows and Ruins of Mazzatun. In the Cradle of Shadows, you are battling against rogue assassins on the behalf of the Argonians of the Dark Brotherhood. These assassins are working to throw the Black Marsh into chaos.

Fighting your way through this dungeon, you will uncover the secrets of the twisted Silken Ring and face off against bosses such as Velidreth: Lady of Lace. In the Ruins of Mazzatun, brains over brawn could prove advantageous, as the dungeon is also referred to as the “Puzzle City”. Controlled by a tribe of Argonians known as the Xit-Xaht, they have forced others into slavery on a project that has driven them mad. Race against time to save them all from forces beyond their power. Both dungeons offer three new item sets as well as a new monster mask set.

When it comes to the Crown store and new mounts, "Shadows of the Hist" brings a variety. Among the new mount offerings comes the Hist Guar, the only subspecies of guar that seems to enjoy music. Featuring red splashes making it appear to be covered in His Sap, this little guy is 1500 Crowns. The other new mount is the Haj Mota Hatchling. Looking like a cross between and fish and a turtle, this horned baby will waddle after you happily for 1000 Crowns.

There are also now Race and Appearance Change tokens, allowing you to switch up your style with ease -- along with new hairstyles, markings and adornments.

Alongside the "Shadows of the Hist" DLC, there were also base game tweaks included in update 11. These include Dragonstar Arean improvements, improved rewards from Undaunted chests, updated item sets, and improved Clothier Surveys. New things introduced in the update include four new crafting styles (Dark Brotherhood being one), the ability to trade bind-on-pickup items with group members in dungeons and Trials, and the new Cyrodiil town capture system.

Whether you are new to Elder Scrolls Online or a Vet, these new dungeons are challenging and exciting. Let us know about your "Shadow of the Hist" adventures in the comments below!


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Published Aug. 4th 2016

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