Smite World Championship Day 3: Finals

Cognitive Prime and Titan battled it out on Day three of the SWC for the title of Smite World Champion.

The stakes were high on the final day of the Smite World Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. $2.5 million dollars worth of high stakes.

After a very competitive day two of semi-finals, North America's Cognitive Prime and Europe's Titan came out on top. You can read our in-depth recap of day two here and interviews with both Cognitive Prime and Titan

Consolation Match (Cognitive Red vs. SK Gaming)

The consolation match for third and fourth place kicked off the day's events. North America's Cognitive Red faced off with Europe's SK Gaming for a shot at $400,000. Both teams have had a successful tournament this past weekend and each felt evenly matched going in.

Game One

Cognitive Red drew first blood early on at the 5 minute mark with Divios swinging a double kill. Cognitive Red continued with this momentum for the first ten minutes, taking the lead in gold and experience with a 4-1 death count. Shortly after, SK Gaming's Zyrhoes took out three members of Cognitive Red to tie up the score at 4-4. SK Gaming takes the first Gold Fury 12 minutes in and they appear to be regrouping after their rough start.

Cognitive Red manages to take both the second Gold Fury and Fire Giant within minutes of each other and put the pressure on SK Gaming with team fights. After 28 minutes, Cognitive Red destroys SK Gaming's Titan and wins the first match.

Game Two

With a large amount of prize money on the line, SK needs to win this match to stay in the fight for third place. Two minutes into the second match, Cognitive Red gets the first kill. SK Gaming plays a little more defensively and eludes Cognitive Red's attacks for the first ten minutes of the match, keeping the score 3-0 for Cog Red.

At the 18 minute mark, Cognitive Red defeats the first Gold Fury and Fire Giant, increasing their gold lead by 15,000. SK Gaming can't seem to catch a break and are struggling to kill any of Cognitive Red. The score stays at 11-0 for Cognitive Red for 20 minutes of the match. At the 23 minute mark, Cognitive Red takes out all of SK Gaming and goes for their enemy Titan. They defeat the Titan and secure 3rd place in the Smite World Championship.

The Finals (Cognitive Prime vs. Titan)

With an $800,000 difference in prize money between first and second place, both teams are bringing all they've got for the finals of the Smite World Championship. Cognitive Prime representing North America and Titan from the Europe region face off for the champion title in a best of five matches.

Game 1

Both Cognitive Prime and Titan kick the game off with a jump party in the middle of the map, showing the level of sportsmanship and fun that's going on during the finals. After 4 minutes of gameplay, a team fight breaks out with Cognitive Prime winning 4-1 in kills.

Cognitive Prime takes the first Gold Fury at the 8 minute mark and lead with gold and experience. Cognitive Prime defeats the second and third Gold Fury, followed by the Fire Giant, taking complete control of the map at the thirty minute mark. After a fourth Gold Fury, Cognitive Prime goes after Titan's enemy Titan and wins the first match.

Game 2

The second match starts off with Cognitive Red drawing first blood within the first minute. Cognitive Prime's MLCSt3alth dominates with the only 3 kills during the beginning of the game. Cognitive Prime takes on the Gold Fury at the 7:30 mark and again at the 13:30 mark, with the score at 5-1 for Cog.

After twenty minutes of gameplay, Titan has no towers and Cognitive Prime is controlling most of the map. Cognitive Prime defeats the Fire Giant and the fourth Gold Fury, furthering their lead by more than 20,000 gold and experience. Cognitive Prime secures the second win of the finals against Titan.

Game 3

Titan needs to win this match to stay in the competition, with $800,000 on the line. The Hi-Rez analysts are convinced that this is the end for Titan as the third match starts. Cognitive Prime secures first blood at the 2 minute mark, but the game quickly ends up at 2-2 for the next 6 minutes. Titan takes on Cognitive Prime at 8:30, and grab 3 kills to lead 5-2. Titan takes the first Gold Fury and wins a second team fight, now leading 9-5.

Titan's Ataraxia dominates with a triple kill 17 minutes in and Titan defeats the second Gold Fury and Fire Giant. After 34 minutes of gameplay, Titan makes a push for Cognitive Prime's Phoenixes and come out on top during this amazing comeback game. 

Game 4

Cognitive Prime are sweating now, originally thinking the finals would be 3-0. The fourth game starts with Titan securing first blood three minutes in.

Both teams are playing more defensively and after 9 minutes, a team fight breaks out with Titan leading 6-2. Titan uses this momentum to secure the first Gold Fury, but Cognitive Prime starts another team fight, closing the gap with 12-10 Titan. At the 24 minute mark, Titan defeats another Gold Fury and kill 4 of Cognitive Prime's players.

Titan then goes on to take out the Fire Giant and makes the last push for Cognitive Prime's Titan. Titan ties up the finals by winning this fourth match as the two go into game five. 

Game 5

The energy in the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center is incredible. After what seemed like a sure thing for Cognitive Prime, Titan surprised everyone by snagging the last two matches. The fifth and final match starts with Titan taking the lead after a team fight. Both teams play very defensively and another team fight breaks out after nine minutes with Cognitive Prime taking out most of Titan to lead 6-4.

Cognitive Prime takes the first Gold Fury and dominates the next team fight, 14-6 Cog. Cognitive Prime defeats another Gold Fury and really takes control of the map. After a lengthy match, Cognitive Prime defeats Titan to become the Smite World Champions! 

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