OnLive Aims to CloudLift Our Opinions

OnLive launches open beta of its new business models. Is it too good, too late?

It was 2012 when OnLive was last pushed to market, now in 2014 they are looking to return in a big way. Make that two big ways. 


For £9.99/$14.99 a month, after a 7 day free trial, you can start playing a game on your PC and then stream any PC game you have purchased, be it digitally or physically, to devices such as a laptop, Smart TV, tablets and Macs.

How is this achieved? Simple. Well, simple for those who understand this kind of thing. OnLive will pair with your existing games library, then it will sync your save files, and then you play. Simple.

OnLive Go

Tired of those behemoth install sizes for MMOs? Well OnLive are partnering with Second Life and Warthunder to enable quicker access to their titles. With the size of MMOs ever-increasing, anyway to play them sooner is a good thing in my book.

With our new CloudLift service, and other exciting offerings in the works, we have created a win for all parties: gamers, publishers, digital distributors and OnLive. We’re defining a roadmap that keeps OnLive at the forefront of cloud gaming and cloud computing - Gary Lauder, OnLive's largest investor.

OnLive has continued to innovate in its technology and its business models.

PlayPack is Back

 It will cost £6.99/$9.99 a month and will offer over 250 games at relaunch. If you have missed out on any of the Batman Arkham series, well that is a crying shame, then you can play the trilogy via OnLive.

Publishers and Improvements

Codemasters, Deep Silver, Traveller's Tales and Warner Bros are the first to sign up to the reinvigorated OnLive service. No doubt the addition of new hardware and upgrades helped with the landing of these large players within the industry.

Have you ever used OnLive before? Will you return or try it for the first time after hearing the news of 2.0? Let us know in the comments below, and maybe I'll see you OnLive.

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Published Mar. 5th 2014

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