Final Fantasy classics come to Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV Gaming announced the addition of several Final Fantasy classics to their already expansive roster of games.

Final Fantasy classics III, IV, V, and VI, are all now available for streaming from Amazon's newest device, Amazon Fire TV

All four games have been gloriously improved for Amazon Fire TV's release. Final Fantasy III brings new 3D sequences and updated designs while Final Fantasy VI's graphics were all painstakingly recreated by one of the original graphic designers, Kazuko Shibuya himself.

Final Fantasy 3

Final Fantasy 6

In celebration of the release, Square Enix is offering a sale of 50% off the titles starting October 29 and lasting until November 26. Players can download the four updated games via the Amazon Appstore for immediate gameplay gratification. 

Meanwhile, Amazon Fire TV is still pushing strong into the world of gaming. The Final Fantasy titles join over 800 other games available through the streaming network, including Knights of the Old Republic and Shovel Knight. 

So far Amazon Fire TV Gaming hosts mostly mobile games and apps that are played through their game controller and the Fire TV stick, but reviews have been less than enthusiastic since the device's launch.

"If I could give this zero stars I would. As everyone else has said..." - Michele's review of Fire TV Controller

With compatibility issues and a serious lack of communication from Amazon, many buyers have seen only headaches as they try Fire TV Gaming. Players, for now, seem to be sticking with the consoles they know and love instead of jumping for the new streaming device.

Will the new additions of Final Fantasy classics be enough to gain the praise of players throughout the gaming community? Tell us what you think of Amazon's new adventure into gaming in the comments below!


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Published Oct. 28th 2015

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