Remastered Edition of Journey, Fl0w, Flower Coming to PS4 This Summer

ThatGameCompany's Journey, Fl0w, and Flower are being remastered and will be released to the PS4 this summer.

Award-winning indie studio ThatGameCompany is planning with Sony to release a remastered edition collection of its games Fl0w, Flower, and Journey. The PS4 version of Journey will run at 1080 and it will display 60fps. A digital version of Journey will also be available in the PS4’s PSN store. Journey will be free at launch for those who purchased the PS3 version. The PS4’s PSN store already has Fl0w and Flower. If players purchased the games for the PS3 and PS Vita, they can download the PS4 versions.

The making of the PS4 version of Journey was announced by ThatGameCompany last year at Gamescom. The PS4 version of Journey is being developed by Tricky Pixels. Journey was originally released to the PSN store in March 2012. It ended up being a critical and commercial success for ThatGameCompany. It’s also the fast-selling game to date on the PSN for both North America and Europe. ThatGameCompany’s Journey was also the recipient of several “game of the year” awards and other awards. The game was nominated for “Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media for the 2013 Grammy Awards.

The PS4 remastered collection of Journey, Fl0W and Flower is expected to release this summer.


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Published Apr. 19th 2015

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