World Basketball Manager 2 in Development

World Basketball Manager 2 is only 75 percent complete. Icehole Games needs to raise more cash to complete the job, so they have started a campaign to raise the money they need.

Icehole Games recently announced the sequel to their old school basketball management games, World Basketball Manager 2, is only 75 percent complete. Players can check out this new video game and the updates to the game here.

In order to get this new sports video game ready for hardcore gamers to try, the developer needs to raise money to complete the game development. 

Icehole Games wants to finish development of World Basketball Manager 2 by the time the next international basketball season starts. In order to accomplish this job they have started a campaign to raise the funds they need. Check out the website for the campaign here

Once completed, World Basketball Manager 2 will include a new 2D engine, and other updates expected to make managing a virtual basketball team more fun and challenging.

Sports video game gurus will be able to take control of their favourite international basketball team and begin a basketball career for the record books. Gamers will be challenged to deal with the same problems basketball coaches face on and off the court. This is your chance to put your name in the basketball record books.

Time to get the boys ready to play!


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Published Mar. 21st 2014
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