PlayStation VR pre-order bundle Sold Out due to artificial scarcity

The PlayStation VR Bundle is selling out fast due to a possible artificial scarcity.

Within the first hour of its launch, the first wave of PlayStation VR Bundle pre-orders seems to have sold out on Amazon. Other participating vendors, such as Gamestop and Best Buy, still have pre-orders available, though it won't take much for them to sell out.

When walking in to one such participating vendor, one of our writers was told by the clerk that he was the second customer to pre-order the virtual reality headset that day, and that he had only four more orders available for reservation left.

PlayStation has said that this would be the first of two PlayStation VR Bundle pre-order waves, and that the second would take place over the summer. Earlier today, Sony's John Koller said in a statement that pre-orders for the standalone headset will be made available next week on March 29.

PlayStation VR is set to be released worldwide in October of this year. The "core" headset is priced at $399, while the currently available PSVR Bundle, which comes with the necessary PlayStation Camera and recommended Move Controller, will cost $499.

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Published Mar. 23rd 2016

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